Preventing School-based Conflict Situations in Uruguay

Dianova Spain and Dianova Foundation Uruguay have implemented a programme aimed at teachers in Uruguay’s educational system, to prevent conflict in the classroom.

The project consists of organised workshops focusing on an emotional approach, with participative methodology in each of its phases of social activity inside and outside classes. The training is specifically for teaching staff, at secondary education level.

The idea is to train teachers, who, in turn, train a group of youth facilitators in participating centres. They will create supervised impact projects, facilitating intervention between peers to prevent violence and other situations of vulnerability.

Project Particulars

Up to Now

  • 60 teachers trained in the first phase
  • 30 education and youth centres, from both the formal and informal education sector
  • 11 provinces in the country
  • 36 months in operation

Project Phases

Phase 1: Assessment

Assessment of violence in educational contexts via a survey of teachers and multidisciplinary teams in different centres. Organisation of a seminar between and for professionals within the sector. Development of a web page and online forum for professionals and young people throughout the project.

Phase 2: Design

Designing of training and support material for professionals in education and youth centres participating in the project (consisting of an educational strategy and project manual, with a learning-through-experience method for working with young people). Organisation of a training period for professionals participating in the project and group work for sharing experiences.

Phase 3: Training

Promote education and training of young people and adolescents to professionals, via the educational strategy manual. Support of professionals in order to create and train groups of ‘youth facilitators’ in the centres, which will, through a snowball effect, pass on the project’s values to other young people.

Phase 4: Support

Support of the professionals in their work with the youth facilitators as they identify and plan potential projects or impact measures to develop either in their own centres or in other centres, with the hope that they will have a multiplying effect and reach a greater number of young people and adolescents.

Phase 5: Publication

Publication of results obtained by the project as a way to promote the right to public safety and strengthen community participation.

Entities Involved in Project

The project has been realized by Dianova Uruguay and Spain, with the assistance from the European Union