Mocktails, a Health Promotion Initiative.

The objective of the initiative is to raise awareness of consequences of alcohol and substance use, including school dropout, increased anxiety or depression and traffic accidents.

Mocktails initiative 2015Dianova Portugal organizes since 2009 a health promotion initiative called “Mocktails: memories of a night of fun”, together with thirty local and national partners. The initiative benefits from national and local partnerships including the participation of several schools, businesses, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Local police deoartments, civil protection service, the municipal house, as well as other national institutions also provide their support and all acknowledge the need to invest in promoting healthier behaviours and lifestyles.

Health promotion is an effective approach to bring about positive change. Individuals or groups learn behaviours likely to help them stay fit and healthy, through the mobilization of the general public and the involvement of the whole community in a socially responsible, citizens’ initiative.

Mocktails initiative in 2015

The objective of the initiative is to raise awareness of consequences of alcohol and substance abuse, including school dropout, increased anxiety or depression and traffic accidents, especially among youth and young adults 15 to 25.

The methodology used is that of a individualized, face to face approach. This approach is one of the key factors of success: since the beginning of the Mocktails health promotion initiative in 2009, our volunteers have reached out to 40.063 people.

This good practice was presented during the 55th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, in March 2012 in Vienna (Austria)

“Mocktails: Memories of a Night of Fun” is a playful approach with one of the main objectives of the EU Health Strategy “Together for Health” to promote health, prevent illnesses and develop environments fostering healthy lifestyles. As such, the initiative integrates a health promotion approach as a prerequisite to improving people’s quality of life through an intelligent and complementary partnership which has proven beneficial for Torres Vedras young and adult population.

The outcomes of the 2016 Mocktails initiative on Slideshare