Health Promotion: Empowering My Life!”

The programme “Empowering My Life!” offers young people the possibility to reflect on the consequences of  their substance use.

Empowering My Life! Program

Implemented in collaboration with Health Canada (the public health department of the government of Canada) and a number of frontline agencies, the “Empowering My Life!” project is destined to help at-risk youth engage in healthier lifestyle and behaviors through the development of various skills and abilities, i.e. self esteem, anger management, safer sexual practices and through a better knowledge of substance abuse and blood borne infections related issues.  The project is part of a comprehensive effort to promote positive lifestyle choices and health education.

“Empowering My Life!” consists of a 5 to 6-day stay in nature with structured group activities and workshops. During the stay, counselors have to take advantage of the participants’ responsiveness – all of them have entered the program on a volunteer basis – to identify the protection factors likely to help them maintain or gain abstinence fro drugs, such as the presence of positive role models in the individual’s circle of friends or family, or their commitment in creative or artistic activities.

Participants receive diplomasDuring the year 2012, the Dianova team in Canada participated in the drafting of this collective work led by a steering committee of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres (Quebec – Canada). The team contributed to this collective work with a project developed for several years in favor of at-risk youth in the Montreal region: “Empowering My Life!”. Eventually, the project was selected by the steering committee in a chapter which includes a brief history of the project, the theoretical foundations supporting it, a description of its development , testimonials, and a description of the conditions necessary to replicate the project.

« Sortir des Sentiers battus » (Thinking Outside the Box) : Innovative practices in addiction treatment for adults (French language)

Empowering my life: first flight experience

With support from Health Canada, Dianova has produced a corporate video which presents the very essence of the experience that we’ve been offering for 3 years to young adults, 18 to 25 years, to help them reflect upon their substance use.

“Empowering my Life” is a Dianova program which makes it possible for groups of 6 to 12 young people to dedicate a little bit of time in their life to hold debates on such sensitive issues as the consequences of substance use. The program comprises conditions which are unusual to young adults, with an outdoor living area, comfortable accommodations, skilled and experienced counselors, and well-documented workshops. All activities may be done at a more or less intense pace, the program being available in various versions, from 3 to 6 residential stays.