Drug Addiction Awareness Project for Adults (DAWAP)

The objective of the project is to promote awareness in adults about drug addiction.

The project includes a short film competition organised via the Erasmus+KA2 programme by the Green Crescent Society, in collaboration with partner organisations from Turkey, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Lithuania. The films entered in the competition serve as a tool for promoting awareness.

poster del proyecto dawap

Target Audience

Short Films, an Awareness Tool

How to Participate

The intention of the DAWAP short film competition is to help monitor the use and/or abuse of psychoactive substances and drug addiction in young people and children in urban areas through their families. It increases awareness and responsibility in the parents of users, regarding the risks associated with drugs and addiction, and helps them to learn how to communicate with their children about it.

Through their short films, participants in the competition will have to send parents of children and adolescents a message about the risks associated with drug addiction or drug abuse.

Those interested should send a message along with an application to the DAWAP national organization by 30th April 2016 at the latest. Applications will be accepted from students at colleges or universities in Turkey, the Netherlands, Lithuania, or Portugal.

Entities Involved

The DAWAP short films competition was designed on the basis of the Erasmus+ program by the Green Crescent Society in collaboration with partner organisations in Turkey, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Lithuania.