Responsible Tourism – Dianova Signed Cooperation Agreement

Press release: Dianova International signed a collaboration agreement with “Rutas Escondidas”, a Nicaraguan responsible tourism enterprise whose objective is to promote trips to Nicaragua in a sustainable and developmental way.

Madrid March 31, 2014 – The Organisation Internationale Dianova, a nonprofit NGO whose mission is to develop actions and programs that actively contribute to personal self-reliance and social progress, has taken a step forward in its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015 developmental agenda by signing a framework agreement to cooperate with Rutas Escondidas.

Rutas Escondidas is a Nicaraguan responsible tourism enterprise aiming to promote tourism and visits that respect the environment, involve participants with local producers, and promote human development. The framework agreement calls for establishing a collaboration and work program, offering Nicaragua as a destination of interest for tourists, including groups, organizations and enterprises keen to support local development.

Photo "Rutas Escondidas" Photo "Rutas Escondidas" León, Nicaragua León (Nicaragua) - Photo "Rutas Escondidas" San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua) - Photo "Rutas Escondidas"

In addition, the agreement aims to foster the development of the Europeo Hotel in capital city Managua. This hotel is owned by Dianova International and managed by its local branch, the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation, which is a member of the Dianova network.

The raison d’être of the Europeo Hotel is to help fund the Esther del Rio- Las Marias School, in the Nicaraguan department of Carazo. This facility caters for about 200 children and adolescents each year, the vast majority of which stem from rural areas, among the poorest in the country. Rutas Escondidas is now supporting this initiative.

A new program has been implemented this year at Las Marias school with a technical certificate in agriculture; this educational alternative allows students to continue secondary education while learning agricultural and forestry trades. In this way, the school responds to the expectations of rural youth, and enables them to complete high school while having the opportunity to find a job which will allow them a decent living from a salary.

Responsible tourism is a type of tourism which, in addition to offering cultural, adventure or sportive activities, prefers to be respectful with human rights, cultures and environments while contributing to specific cooperation projects. Responsible tourism is another way to travel. One that is committed to support local communities and future generations. 

This initiative is to be marketed in Spain starting in May while a website will be dedicated not only to providing safe and secure booking services, but also to offering information on the values that underlie such experience.

The initiative is planned to be launched in the US and in Canada later this year, in collaboration of representatives from Dianova International in these countries.