Dianova USA Provides Needed Services to Newark’s Families

In the U.S., Dianova is currently dedicated to developing effective partnerships to optimally use the organization’s accumulated know-how in the field of personal development programs targeting vulnerable people. Since October 2011 Dianova collaborates with HELP USA to implement community support services in Newark’s Genesis JBJ Soul Apartments. In practice, Dianova has provided resources to hire and train the residential center’s Program  & Community Service Coordinator: her role is to make the most of Dianova’s expertise through comprehensive support services aimed at housing stabilization of residents, including former homeless people, families, single mothers, people living with HIV/AIDS and veterans.

Press Release

The Newark Genesis JBJ Soul Apartments now offer an array of services and programs to the residents, including: youth mentoring, youth homework club, employment services, crime awareness, community cleanups, clothing and food drives, nutritional awareness, computer technology workshops, and fine arts and graphic design instruction.

HELP USA’s CEO, Tom Hameline said, “The grant from Dianova USA has furthered our work in Newark in two ways.  It has enabled us to link our tenants with resources in the community that improve their housing stability, and it has also helped us play an important community development role in the North Ward.”

Dianova is part of an international network of not for profit service providers, who for 30 years have been fostering program initiatives in education, leadership, and personal development, with the objective of promoting personal self-reliance and social progress.

HELP and Dianova USA seek to work together to increase the residential stability, health and self-sufficiency of tenants in select HELP project, and to develop additional services and programs that will assist the members of the communities in which these projects are located.

Sandra Nencetti, Executive Director for Dianova USA said, “I am beyond thrilled about the collaboration with HELP USA. We are proud to have the opportunity to support the important work they are doing in Newark, and look forward to expanding the educational and mentoring programs that we have implemented together.”

Through their generosity, Dianova USA has provided resources which have enabled HELP USA to shape partnerships with community stake holders and service organizations which will benefit the tenant community and residents in the greater community.

The Newark Genesis JBJ Soul Apartments are the result of a public-private partnership with Mr. Bon Jovi’s Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation and developer HELP USA. The development boasts 51 new units of affordable housing with support services for low-income and special-needs persons, which include ground-breaking environmentally-friendly “green” features such as a geothermal heating system and other components of New Jersey’s Green Future program. In addition, the property also includes a 2,500 square-foot community center.

With Dianova’s assistance, HELP USA has been able to expand upon the programs offered to residents in this service enriched permanent housing development, which houses working families and people living with HIV/AIDS in Newark’s North Ward.

Within the next few weeks, HELP USA will be opening a second affordable housing development in Newark, and the Dianova USA funding will be an essential part of HELP USA’s new activities in Newark’s South Ward.


HELP USA is the leading national developer of housing and provider of jobs and services for homeless and at risk populations in the country, including families, war veterans and victims of domestic violence. HELP has served more than 250,000 people since it was founded in 1986 and today serves more than 12,000 each year at 30 residences across the country. To date, HELP has developed more than 2,500 units of housing including transitional and permanent supportive service programs.