Dianova at the Milano Marathon 2017

Dianova participates in the Charity Program of Milano Marathon to support the project “Workshops in the Communities”

Press release: Running makes you feel good, and when you do it for charity purposes, it makes you feel even better.

Dianova Poster Milano MarathonFor the third consecutive year, Dianova participates in the Charity Program of Milano Marathon, a major solidarity  initiative, that allows non-profit organizations to raise funds for a specific project by taking part to the  Relay Marathon (the charity race), which is based precisely on the relay mechanism.

In recent years, sports have become a very important therapeutic tool for Dianova. First of all because they help improving the psycho-physical wellbeing of users, who for different reasons are facing a particularly difficult time in their ife,  and also because they are a valuble motivational input  to develop their ability to integrate and identify with a group through commitment and sacrifice. In particular, the project “Dianova Running” in the community Montefiore dell’Aso (AP) allowed to create a team of runners, consisting of both users and staff members, that took part to several amateur competitions and sporting events, including the Relay Marathon.

The Milano Marathon represents for Dianova a great event combining sport, aggregation and solidarity, especially for our users, who have the unique opportunity to relate with other participants and regain the simplicity of their emotions, as leaving doubts and fears behind , while speeding free to the finish of their leg.

Sunday, April 2nd Dianova will race to support the project “Workshops in the Communities”, which aims at facilitating the social rehabilitation of the users of the community Garbagnate Milanese (Mi), further improving the services offered and the educational and training areas of the facility. The Olympic champions Antonio Rossi and Jury Chechi will be the Dianva official testimonials at the Milano Marathon also for year 2017 .

Milano MarathonBesides users and staff members, the teams will consist of friends of Dianova and employees from supporting companies, that  have chosen to contribute to the project. The invitation is extended to all those, who wish to combine their passion for running with the possibility to link with an organization, that every day devotes itself passionately and committedly to people, who embarked on a wrong path, and now through the marathon have the occasion to get back on track and  cross the finish line to start a new life.

Just what tells us a Dianova guy that last year took part to the event for the first time:

“The Milano Marathon has been a wonderful experience. Everybody was full of energy inside, a strong power. I ran for Dianova, but also for myself! I gained a lot of energy and strength to support me in my next steps. When I was runninh it was like I could see the finish line, not just the finish tape, but the right way to go, and the more I looked around myself, the more I realized with great joy that I was not alone, and I will never be”.