Archives: Press releases

  1. Dianova Says: “Empower Women, Empower Society”


    Dianova launches the third phase of its “Human Empowerment” campaign and highlights the link between addiction and violence against women

  2. Two Dianova Associate Members Participate in CoDeS 2019


    Two representatives of Dianova’s associate members present their work at the 3rd Formative Congress on Sustainable Development

  3. Dianova launches the “Human Empowerment” campaign


    The international organization aims to promote a holistic perspective of addiction treatment based on individual empowerment, and raise awareness about the relationship between addiction and gender

  4. Together, to Achieve True Gender Equality


    From the 4th to the 8th of March, Dianova launches the #YourVoice+ campaign to help eradicate the multiple barriers that prevent girls and women from accessing a real equality in education and workplace

  5. Dianova Launches “Listen First!” Campaign


    With the “Listen first!” campaign Dianova aims to improve family communication and help parents and children do simple things: talk, listen to each other and share moments of fun, culture and discovery

  6. Enough Violence


    On this World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Dianova launches a 16-day campaign to say that enough is enough!

  7. Annual Report 2017


    More than 10,000 people received support from the Dianova Network member organizations in 2017 in their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

  8. Dianova Italy Launches Integration Project for Migrants


    In Rome, Italy, as in several parts of Europe, there is an urgent need to provide integration for migrant communities

  9. “Bringing Addiction Stigma to an End”


    Dianova International Network Launches Campaign to End the Stigma of Addiction

  10. Orange the World


    Press Release – Dianova encourages politicians, businesses and society to “orange the world” to eradicate violence against women