Dianova is committed to helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through an action focused on:

  • Supporting a network of associations and NGOs operating in 20 countries
  • Reinforcing and channeling the voice of civil society in international organizations and forums
  • Promoting cooperation between public and private sectors

Institutional Documents

  • 2017 Annual Activity Report: EN ES FR
  • Summary of the Annual Report: EN ES FR
  • Auditors’ Report: EN ES FR
  • The Dianova Network’s Accountability Charter: EN ES FR
  • The Dianova Network’s Manifesto: EN ES FR

Position Papers

  • Children, Youth & Education: EN ES FR
  • Physical & Mental Health, Addiction: EN ES FR
  • Social Protection and Humanitarian Action: EN ES FR
  • Partnerships & Cooperation: EN ES FR
  • End of Poverty: EN ES FR
  • Gender Equality: EN ES FR

Our Last Campaigns

Media Appearances

International Days 2018

Campaign: “UNiTE to End Gender-based Violence”

Campaign: “#QuitStigmaNow”

Campaign: “React!” (if you want to have your life back)

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