June 3 – World Responsible Tourism Day

Rio San Juan


“Communicating our Commitment”. Experiences and places for Responible Tourism: the Rio San Juan in Nicaragua

The Rio San Juan in Nicaragua is a magical and mysterious place in America. Its power of attraction resides in its history, its location at the country’s borders and its impressive environmental and ecological richness.

The Rio San Juan is of particular importance in the legendary history of Central America, especially in that of the Nicaraguan people.

From the conquest of the Americas to the search of the “Desaguadero de la Mar Dulce” by the Caribbean Sea, from the countless, fascinating tales of famous pirates including Morgan, Jackman or Dampiere to the idea of having a permanent communication between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean through the  “Ruta del Tránsito” and other projects to build a canal…  A series of historical events have turned the Rio San Juan into a very special place which combines primitive art with the history of the Nicaraguan peasantry within a preserved natural environment.

Rio San Juan

Rio San Juan is an important area of ??agricultural production, livestock and fisheries for all of Nicaragua. Agricultural products include beans, cacao, rice and many more. The production is diversified, with a production in which all farmers are involved, men and women.

Tourism Development in Rio San Juan has been a very interesting process, integrated with the entire local population through their support to the development of tourism initiatives, and the reinforcement of strategic activities dedicated to foster local development. Agriculture for instance supports the development of an economic activity  based on tourism and on and the needs of local communities.

In addition, Rio San Juan is a peaceful and tranquil region that combines historical and environmental approaches in the definition of spaces with high tourism potential.

The tourism development of Rio San Juan is done with the participation of local communities in decisions that may influence their lives and life opportunities; this development positively contributes to the conservation of the area’s natural and cultural heritage and to the preservation of its ethnic and environmental diversity.

Finally, this destination is in accord with the Declaration of Ciudad del Cabo on responsible tourism because “It offers the most enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and greater understanding of cultural and social issues and  through the preservation of the environment”.

Discover the Authentic Nicaragua

For all these reasons, we have chosen this place because it adequately captures our approach to responsible tourism: an experience that we offer other people to share and enjoy through the support of all those who live in this wonderful region, anchored in history and nature.

Rio San Juan Rio San Juan Rio San Juan

Begoña Sánchez Ballesteros, Director of ‘Rutas Escondidas