“Implementing the Right to Education”, a document of the UNESCO

Implementing the Right to Education

A new, UNESCO document is now available online on “Implementing the Right to Education – A compendium of practical examples based on the Seventh Consultation of Member States on the Implementation of the convention and the Recommendation against Discrimination in Education.”

This 174 pages document, published in French and English language versions, reviews the legal framework of the right to education before exploring the various measures undertaken by UNESCO Member States to eliminate and prevent discrimination in and through education, and to promote equal opportunities as a basis of inclusive education.

The document also proposes an overview of positive measures and affirmative action policies which have been established by several Member States, such as the implementation of Priority Education Areas or that of positive measures and affirmative action for specific groups.

The principles of quality education are also addressed in the document, including the necessity of providing quality training and decent work conditions and status for teachers, and defining the general orientations of education, with a particular focus on human rights. Last chapters introduce the themes of religious and moral education, and the general measures taken regarding the educational rights of minorities and the language of instruction.

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