1. Facing the Covid-19 Outbreak in the Dianova network


    Most of our members continue to offer direct care services to their beneficiaries, while adapting their activities to the epidemic

  2. Covid-19 : Challenges for Residential Facilities


    With more than 1.7 billion people confined to their homes, how should or can residential care centres cope with the situation?

  3. Dianova International Participates at the CSW64 with a Written Statement


    Due to the coronavirus crisis, the CSW64 was held in a two-hour format, while civil society organizations had a voice through written statements only

  4. Dianova Chile Best Practices Online


    Dianova Chile implemented an online training program aimed at over 800 professionals from public, territorial, and third-sector organizations from several countries

  5. Drugs and the Media


    Harnessing the power of the media to help prevent substance abuse and reduce addiction stigma

  6. Dianova Participates in CND63


    For more than a decade Dianova has been participating in the sessions of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs as a representative of civil society

  7. PsychoFlamenco Workshops


    Implemented at the Can Parellada Dianova facility in Spain, these gender-oriented therapeutic workshops are intended to support people’s empowerment and emotional development

  8. Dianova Participates in the 63rd Session of the CND


    Dianova is to participate in the 63rd session of the CND, with events addressing issues such as: the media, a key actor in the field of drugs, the obstacles women face when seeking treatment, and the integration of evidence-based programmes in health systems

  9. Social Justice Day: An Indian Perspective


    Social justice is one of the basic principle for peaceful living; it is fundamental that all people should have equal access to wealth, justice, health, well-being and opportunity

  10. UN System Common Position on Drugs


    This progressive document reinforces the UN system-wide coherence and can be a valuable advocacy tool