We believe we can have greater political impact through partnerships and alliances that build on each organization’s own forces and capabilities. Through our membership in various committees and platforms, we contribute to advance various causes while ensuring that all stakeholders’ needs, opinions and experiences are heard and taken into consideration

Partnerships with International Organizations


Dianova is an NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


Registered as a civil society organization with the Organization of American States (OAS)


NGO in consultative relationships with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


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In addition to providing services to people in vulnerable situations, we develop advocacy initiatives aimed to advance policies and practices dedicated to promoting social progress, improving people’s lives, and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, we work in the areas of:

Health and Addiction

We work to strenghten the areas of addiction prevention and treatment, and advocates the implementation of services that are evidence-based, gender-sensitive and respectful of each person’s needs and expectations, in a continuity of services.

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Gender Equality

We advocate women’s rights, equality, and empowerment. In addition, we promote the development of gender-sensitive addiction treatment services.

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  • Statement by Dianova International at the CSW66

    It is urgent to adequately address the impact of climate change and environmental disasters on people’s, especially women’s, mental health Climate change has repercussions in various domains, including the economy, human habitats, migration flows, the environment and ecosystems, etc. Its impact on health however, and more particularly on mental health has yet to adequately addressed.... Read more »

  • Statement by Dianova International at the CSW65

    Statement by Dianova International at the sixty-fifth Session of the Commission on the Condition of Women (CSW65), 15-26 March, 2021, New York

  • Covid-19, Violence and Addictions

    The COVID-19 pandemic aggravates gender violence and addictions, creating a situation of vulnerability that primarily affects women

Human Rights

We believe that the human rights perspective should be considered a priority in all policies and practices. With regard to the former, we endeavour to combat stigma and discrimination against drug users or former drug users

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  • Gender Equality and Development for LGBTI people

    Sustainable development cannot be achieved without peace and peace cannot be achieved without gender equality for ALL - regardless of sex characteristics, gender identity or sexual orientation

  • A Gender-based Approach to the Agenda 2030

    Utilizing a feminist accountability framework is essential to the successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development

  • Poverty is Sexist!

    In every country and region of the world, not only poverty affects more women than men, but the consequences of poverty are more severe on the former rather than the latter - this phenomenon is referred to as the feminization of poverty

Partnerships and Cooperation

We are dedicated to reinforcing the role played by civil society organizations within international fora, as part of our commitment to support the Sustainable Development Goals

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  • Declaration of CoNGO to the UN

    Declaration of the Conference of Non-governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO) on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations

  • A Purpose-driven Company, Unilever

    Unilever brands take an active part in social change and put sustainable development at the heart of all their activities

  • Dianova and the Challenges of the Third Sector

    A study by sociologist José Carrón provides information and thoughts on the history and development of the social state and the third sector in Europe and the Americas

Social Integration and Equality

We advocate policies and practices that focus on the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations in order to promote their social, economic and political integration.

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Education and Youth

We advocate quality education and the development of youth-oriented policies, because we believe education is a critical factor in efforts to improve people’s health and living conditions and to build more inclusive  societies.

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