Health and Addiction

Health is a fundamental human right and a source of fulfilment for individuals and peoples

Dianova’s programmes promote self-reliance by helping people achieve the best possible state of physical, mental and social health

Modern society’s ideals of individual success and happiness, consumption and immediacy have only exacerbated a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of humanity: addiction. In order to address this situation, we believe it is essential to carry out an in-depth review of international drug policies which lead to practices that can sometimes be contrary to human rights and the rule of law. Policies in this area need to be based on goals that are not only clear and achievable, but also focused on the health and well-being of individuals.

Read Dianova’s complete position paper on addiction policies (pdf)

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Our impact in 2020

Dianova contributes to SDG 3 (Good health and well-being) by implementing addiction prevention and treatment programmes, other health care activities, and by carrying out advocacy towards better support for mental health problems.


directly served by activities or programmes in this field


indirectly served by activities or programmes in this field


Activities or programmes
implemented by the Dianova network in this field

Other SDGs Indirectly Impacted:

Members offering addiction services

Dianova Spain Association

Dianova Spain’s services include an addiction treatment program for adults at its Can Parellada center (Barcelona), as well as two educational and therapeutic centers (addictions and conduct disorders) for minors in Las Torrecillas (Córdoba) and Zandueta (Navarra ).


Associazione Dianova Italia

Dianova Italia offers residential addiction treatment programs for adults in five therapeutic communities, and Dianova offers listening and information services in different centers in the country.


Dianova Chile Foundation

The Dianova Chile Foundation offers an outpatient program for law-breaking adolescents with problematic drug and alcohol use, and a residential program for adult women with or without children and / or pregnant women with problematic drug and alcohol use.


Dianova Uruguay Foundation

The Dianova Uruguay Foundation develops a residential program for dual pathology (mental health / addictions) for men from 17 to 29 years old, and an outpatient program for men and women with problematic consumption of psychoactive substances.

Dianova Idell Förening (Sweden)

In Sweden, Dianova implements screening services for people with substance use disorders, however, the organization refers people who want it to Dianova network treatment centers located in other countries.


Drustvo UP (Slovenia)

In Slovenia, the Up organization offers information and referral services for users with substance use disorders and their families, youth support programs and reintegration programs.


Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (Pakistan)

In Pakistan, the KKAWF is dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful consequences of drug abuse through awareness raising sessions in the school and on campus and organizing events


SPYM (India)

The Society for the Promotion of Youth and Populations (SPYM) is an organism that exercises in the whole of the territory of India. The organization provides outpatient and residential treatment services for youth and adults with substance use disorders.

Participating in Dianova Portugal’s rehab programme has truly changed my life. João

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