Education, Children & Youth

Education is the key to the future and to progress and is the best tool for sustainable human development

Education is at the heart of all of Dianova’s activities. It is essential for our well-being and independence and plays a key role in building fairer societies

Education is a fundamental human right and an essential element for the economic and social development of individuals and peoples. Quality education is a crucial factor in efforts to reduce poverty, improve the health and living conditions of populations, and build societies that are more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable. Quality education enables people to acquire basic knowledge and skills, while promoting creative thinking, understanding and respect for human rights, equity and cultural diversity, all of which are fundamental to more responsible and sustainable human development.

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Our impact

Dianova contributes to SDG 4 (quality education) by setting up public education and training spaces open to all and by providing activities for children and young people in vulnerable situations.


beneficiary of direct services


beneficiary of non formal education programmes


implemented throughout the Dianova network

Other SDGs Impacted

Being able to address my emotions in a workshop and to exchange experiences with others is helping me to face conflicts adequately. Francisco