We work to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through our member’s commitment on the field and the advocacy activities carried out within international organizations

Some of our Projects

  • Program for women with dependent children

    Programme for Women with Dependent Children

    The program addresses the needs of women in difficulty with substance use (alcohol or other drugs) for whom a residential treatment appears necessary, who are socially vulnerable and have one or more dependent children age 1-5. (Program offered in Chile) The treatment process follows the various procedures of a normal residential program in one of our therapeutic communities, in addition to which mothers learn specific parenting skills through workshops, group encounters and individual counseling.

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  • Health Promotion: Empowering My Life!”

    El ministerio de salud de Canadá y otros organismos de atención primaria que trabajan con Dianova han colaborado en el proyecto “De mi vida, Yo me encargo!”, que tiene como objetivo acercar a los jóvenes en riesgo hacia estilos de vida saludables, a través del desarrollo de competencias y habilidades en las áreas de las relaciones interpersonales, autoestima, gestión de la ira y del estrés y mejor conocimiento de sustancias psicotrópicas, y las problemáticas relacionadas con el abuso de su consumo.

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  • Alcohol detoxification should be done under medical supervision and treatment

    Alcohol Dependence Module in Italy

    A person who drinks heavily, over a long period of time may experience withdrawal symptoms when drinking stops abruptly. Unlike other drugs which rarely poses serious difficulties, alcohol withdrawal syndrome is likely to cause life-threatening complications such as delirium tremens. 

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