Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

 Our international treatment centre offers comprehensive care combining psychological, somatic and social approaches, aiming to accompany the patient in a process of change that profoundly modifies the different areas of daily life and personality. Dianova’s approach is based on the socializing framework of the therapeutic community through three essential elements:

A proven methodology

At Dianova, treatment is part of a long-term care framework. The objective is to stop the addictive behaviour and maintain long-term abstinence. The intervention is grounded in a biopsychosocial perspective based on science-based methodologies.

A committed team

Dianova’s international treatment centre is based on the commitment of a multidisciplinary team that combines professionalism and social commitment. Our team includes a general practitioner, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and various educators and therapists.

Therapeutic alliance

Each patient actively participates in their own therapeutic project and that of others. This involvement of the patient is made possible by the therapeutic alliance, i.e. the bond of trust that is created between the therapist and the patient, an essential element in the process of change.


Travelling Abroad For Addiction Treatment – Why Choose Dianova for your rehab? 

Our center has over 30 years of experience in addiction treatment.

Our Rehabilitation centre in Portugal has a certification of Quality Management ISO 9001 with excellent outcome indicators.

It is located near Lisbon and offers comfortable facilities, indoor and outdoor sports spaces and beautiful gardens.

Our highly qualified team offers treatment in both English and Portuguese. Our intervention is performed in a professional therapeutic community, specialized in addiction treatment. This guarantees a biopsychosocial approach in a drug free environment.


Come and start your addiction rehab programme with us!