The Dianova Network Manifesto

The Dianova Network

At Dianova International’s General Assembly, held in Madrid on October 30th, threpresentatives of the network’s member organizations have approved two important documents: “The Dianova Network Manifesto” and the “Charter of Accountability”.

The “Manifesto” outlines the Dianova Network’s global commitment through the definition of common policies and positioning principles which are critical for the future of the organization.

“The Charter of Accountability” emphasizes a series of principles and practices which are intended to promote the good governance of our organizations while emphasizing our common commitment to excellence, transparency and accountability.

The Dianova Network Manifesto (excerpt from introduction)

We, as signatories of this document, represent ourselves as non-profit organizations working at a global level with the purpose of fostering human rights and sustainable development, investing in the areas of education, youth interests, addiction prevention and treatment and social and community development.

Our mission: “Developing initiatives and programs with the objective of promoting self-reliance and social progress”, in a prospect of a sustainable and equitable humane developement.
We are proud of our accomplishments and consider ourselves privileged to be able to work in many different countries and cultures, with a great diversity of people and in different social and political systems. Our rights and obligations are based on the internationally recognized principles of freedom of expression, meeting and association, thus contributing to fostering democratic processes and the values that we aim to promote.

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The Charter of Accountability (excerpt from introduction)

Our organizations are proud and privileged to work across a wide range of countries and cultures, with a diversity of peoples in varied economic, social and political systems. Our right to act is based on universally-recognized concepts of freedom of speech, assembly and association and contributes to the development of the democratic processes and to the values we seek to promote.

Our legitimacy is derived from the quality of our work, and the recognition and support of the people with, and for whom, we work, in addition to, our donors, the wider public, and governmental and other non-governmental organizations. By signing this Charter we seek to promote further the values of transparency and accountability that we stand for, and commit to respecting its provisions.