Interview with Rafael Goberna – Activating Dianova´s global vision

Rafa Goberna - Montse Rafel

On the occasion of Dianova’s 10th “Management and Development” Seminar in Castelldefels (Spain), we had the chance to chat with Rafa Goberna, who will facilitate a training workshop entitled ¨Activating Global Vision¨. 

Rafa Goberna is a personal and organizational development consultant, he is an associate of of Go Consulting and Grupo Mediterráneo consulting companies, and has a long experience of  private, public and social organizations. 

When and why did you start collaborating with Dianova?

I started collaborating during the organization’s professionalization phase, back in 1999. From then onwards, we’ve developed strong ties, an immediate bond which made me continue my collaboration until the present time. In addition, about six years ago, I’ve been appointed to the organization’s Assembly Council. On the whole, I am very much pleased to be able to collaborate in such project and with the persons who belong to Dianova.

What represents Dianova's annual seminar on Management & Development for you?

The seminar is an excellent opportunity because it alows for the creation of spaces for reflection, debate and innovation. In addition , it helps reinforce Dianova's professionalism. For these reasons, I find it crucial to take advantage from Dianova's annual reunion and General Assembly to organize such seminar. I will put my best efforts, in the best possible time scale, to ensure its success. My only regret is htat it can be done once a year only.

Rafa Goberna

The first management and development seminar was held back in 2001. During the first three years they were mere training workshops. Nonetheless, since 2004 the seminar was constituted formally in an annual encounter taking advantage of the attendance of all member organizations to the Assembly of Delegates. 

This year´s seminar is entitled ¨Activating the global vision¨. What do you mean exactly with this? 

Widening and activating global vision… More than a skill, it is an attitude to try and understand better the impact of our decisions. Day-to-day habits bring about a local vision which impedes the establishment of relationships with other elements that remain concealed, although they may have a great impact. 

Moreover, it is impossible to be innovative without developing a global vision. Innovation demands associative thinking; it requires from us to take a variety of factors into account, in various spaces and timings. 

During the ¨Activating the global vision¨ workshop we will concentrate on trying and design actions that are likely to widen Dianova professionals’ global vision, for each member organization’s viewpoint and for Dianova as a system. 

What are the consequences of a global vision?

The consequences are numerous; they range from sustainability to quality decision-making. Most of the world’s current problems (including global warming, inequality, hunger, social problems, etc.) are rooted in mere local visions. Even though we might say that this lack of vision was due to a lack of information, it is not true anymore. Today, anyone can have a direct access to information. The information is global, it allows us to make better decisions and to have a more effective impact in our fields of expertise.

What could a wider global vision entail for Dianova?

Global vision has been integrated in Dianova’s strategic plan. The Dianova network has published a Manifesto, in which many intervention fields are addressed, especially those in which Dianova may have an influence. It is an example of our effort to help Dianova’s staff members to look at those problems with different eyes, to go beyond the everyday. 

Global vision is closely connected to internationalization. The need for interconnexion and interdependence is more obvious every day and International works towards this direction. The global vision could therefore help us have a major presence and influence in the areas of drugs and addiction at the global level. We could connect with more partners from all around the world, exchange knowledge and experiences… In a nutshell, in helping to strengthen and construct an organization that is present in the medium and the long term.