Advocate for the #SDGs!

Join us in spreading these messages on twitter and other social media and support sustainable development for all!

Young people holding the SDGs banners in Lima, Peru

Young people holding the SDGs banners in Lima, Peru – Photo: Marco Carrasco

Around the occasion of the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development, which took place between 10-17 July, Dianova has posted for the past two months a series of thematic texts and resources related to the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Marking this period of reflections around the experiences in preparation for and during the HLPF, we prepared a selection of short impactful messages inspired in these process and in statements from different stakeholders on a multitude of topics that are linked to the global agenda for sustainable development. Join us in spreading these messages on twitter and other social media.

Let’s not lose the momentum – be an advocate for the SDGs, for equality, inclusion, social progress, personal development and peace! Spreading the word is simple, and you can start right now. Here are some ideas under 140 characters for you to spread freely.

  • We must all work together to end poverty, strengthen peace, increase resilience and ensure a life of dignity and opportunity for all! #SDGs
  • Civil Society Organizations are key partner for #SDGs implementation – their resources are indispensable to reach the most left behind.
  • The world’s 8 richest people, who combined are as wealthy as half of the world’s population combined, are all men #SDG5 #SDG8 Equality now!
  • Use your networks, organization and movements to build awareness, create connections and feed in for policy development around the #SDG17
  • It’s time we move beyond the traditional gender norms for SDGs implementation – Gender equality must also include LGBTI people! #SDG5
  • Refraining from investing in conflict and military expenditure can generate tremendous benefits for development and equality #SDG16 #Peace
  • Mental Health can impact in the development and in the sustainability of human relations. A healthy society cares for #MentalHealth #SDG3
  • Education of refugees promote their inclusion in host countries and help reducing poverty. #SDG4 is an enabler for broader development!
  • Unlocking domestic resources is key to drive economic growth. #SDG17 #SDG11 Promote equality and prosperity for all countries!
  • #SDGs plans must include #PersonsWithDisabilities – for a life in dignity and able to fully contribute to society with their numerous capacities.
  • #SDGs demands a radical shift in thinking — youth can no longer be seen as the leaders of tomorrow, but leaders of today! #YouthEmpowerment
  • Private Sector can be driver of innovation, supporter for capacity building and knowledge sharing. #Engage #Act #Empower #SDG17
  • Standards of social protection floors must meet fundamental rights and the condition of dignity, rather than just meeting basic needs. #SDG1
  • The voices of women and feminists must be amplified – what can/will you do to help get these voices further? #SDG5
  • Sustainable agriculture is key to the ensure food security and safety for the human population -promote development of rural areas! #SDG2
  • National good governance must be strengthened to achieve sustaining peace and development for all #SDG16
  • Workers must be involved in all steps from planning to implementation + monitoring for they are engaged and implicated with many #SDGs #SDG8
  • Women Workers hold the bulk of burden of unpaid work, often also combined with paid work. End gender inequality at work and homes! #SDG5
  • Harmful practices in international cooperation and trade undermines least developed countries’ ability to fight poverty. End tax heavens!
  • Inclusion and participation of the people are critical to advance the SDGs – we need to move faster with people’s empowerment! #SDG16
  • Existing #HumanRights instruments can transform the #SDGs into immediate rights – for a human rights approach to SDGs implementation!
  • The feminization of poverty is complex, pervasive, and interrelated with education, child marriage, the labor market, etc. #SDG5 #SDG1

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