XVI Ibero-American Seminar on Drugs & Cooperation

cooperation agreement

From 5 to 8 May, representatives from Dianova Spain along with over 60 delegates from a number of Spanish-American social organizations attended the 16th Ibero-American Seminar on Drugs and Cooperation held in Montevideo (Uruguay), the objective of which was to discuss future drug policies in the Americas, with a special focus on the strategy chosen by Uruguay.

For the social organizations participating in the event (organized by the Ibero-American Network of NGOs working in the field of drugs – RIOD) the meeting was an opportunity to debate the various documents presented by the Organization of American States on the drug problem – more particularly the "Analytical Report" and the "Scenarios for the Drug Problem in the Americas 2013-2025" – with the aim of redefining their present and future roles and that of civil society in general.

Participants have had the opportunity to discuss a number of critical issues, not only including the aforementioned documents of the OAS (read article), but also the role of the community in relation with the drug problem, partnerships between governments and civil society, evolution of treatments, legal regulation models for certain drugs, or the development of public health measures and that of alternatives to imprisonment for drug users who have committed crimes.

In parallel to the RIOD seminar, Mr. Santos Cavero, Director General of Dianova Spain signed three cooperation agreements with three Latin American organizations:  the Proyecto UNO (Angentina), the Caminos Corporation (Colombia), and the Center of Studies on Social and Economical Problems of Youth, based in Peru.

The agreements have been established for a three-year period and will encompass the exchange of professional practices and training programs; joint organizations of seminars and conferences; design, implementation and evaluation of programs in the fields of education and health promotion; as well as implementing research projects and providing technical and scientific support.