Universal Children’s Day – Increasing the Motivation to Study

Laboratoire du centre Esther del Rio-Las Marias


In Nicaragua, 300 students are benefiting from the Esther del Rio-Las Marias physics & chemistry laboratory

In Nicaragua, the Dianova Foundation has reached an agreement with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (Mined) to develop an educational project in the Dianova Education Center ‘Esther Del Rio Las Marias’ in in the district of Santa Teresa, Carazo.

This agreement will create a project that will provide secondary students from 8 school centers in the district with the possibility of completing their learning through the development of practical activities. The purpose of these activities is improving the students’ educational capacity and increasing the motivation to study and acquire knowledge.

« The one thing all children have in common is their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard » 

Universal Children’s Day – 20 November, message from Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the UN – excerpt

The Education Center has a multifunctional laboratory for physics, chemistry, and biology which was financed by the Swiss Cooperation and the Embassy of Japan in Nicaragua. This laboratory guarantees access to free and excellent quality training in addition to strengthening the modality for a complete secondary education and the technical career in agriculture.

The project is based on a sustainability strategy for the maintenance of the investments made previously by means of a system of shared use between the Dianova Foundation and the schools in the area, both in urban and rural locations, and will serve to complete theoretical learning in the natural sciences by means of the implementation of a process of practical learning.

Expected results:

  •  The secondary students of the Santa Teresa District will acquire practical knowledge in the discipline of the natural sciences, as well as a sense of care and shared responsibility.
  •  Group and interpersonal relationships will be created among the different sectors of the educational community, students and teachers, and among different educational centers from rural and urban areas of the Santa Teresa District.
  •  Dianova renews a capacity for management and commitment to the local community through the development of a sustainable activity in the education center  ‘Esther del Río – Las Marías’.

At present, some 300 students from 8 school centers in the Santa Teresa District are benefiting from this project.

Translation: courtesy of Translators without Borders