Words from Dianova

A message from each one of the members of the new Assembly Council of Dianova International

One of the points of the agenda at the Assembly of Delegates which took place on June 29, 2016, was the election of the new Council of Assembly for the period 2016 -2020. The people who ran as candidates won a clear majority of the votes. The new members are the following: Davide Brundu, Salina Ferrari, Luca Franceschi, Rafa Goberna, Elena Goti, Alberto León, Cristina Lizarza, Xavier Pons-Formosa, Pierangelo Puppo, Ana Santos and Elisa Stivan.

The new Council held a meeting on June 29, designating Cristina Lizarza as President and Davide Brundu as Vice-president.

I would like to congratulate them and I know that we now can rely on their support and dedication.

Montse Rafel, Director-General, Dianova International



“I was born in one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean and of the world, Sardinia.  Presently I live in Santiago de Chile, where I run the organization Dianova Chile. Professionally, I am involved in the management of non-profit organizations, which focus on helping people who are socially vulnerable.

Davide Brundu

“Thanks to my work, I can share my experiences and learn great things thanks to professional teams in different countries like:  Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Chile, and this makes me feel like a citizen of the world, and in line with global tendencies.

“In this new challenge I am taking on, my expectations will be, among others: strengthening the trust with the other members of the organization; developing in a sustainable way and increasing the participation of the teams with a cross section approach.

“I invite you to join up and contribute in order to reach the proposed goals once again. All of us together, with the new council of assembly, will achieve all that we agreed to and even more.”

Salina FerrariSalina

“We are builders in environments of transformation. We are changing the world, one area at a time, one person at a time.”


Luca Franceschi

“Three new organizations were accepted as associated members in the last general meeting of Dianova International.  They come from India, Pakistan and Kenya.

“We would like to offer them all a big welcome, and we are convinced that with more new members a new phase of the organization as a whole will begin. This is a big step in participating and contributing towards the creation of an open and caring global village.”

Rafael GobernaRafa

“If there is no wind, row

There is no such thing as failure, just attempts

You are as young as your projects are”


Elena Goti

“June 2016. Forming part of the Assembly of Delegates of Dianova International, marks the start of a new stage of my relationship with the organization. This relationship first started in the 80s in a town in mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees.

“Dianova is always heading in the right direction towards the sustainability of values and principles. They are always looking for the best way to get organized in order to be able to approach the weak and offer them a helping hand, to include people who are different and integrate them, or simply to make their lives more worthy of living.

“But Dianova wants more and keeps on moving forward, and for this reason young collaborators have been brought in that can add new knowledge and explore new areas with the final goal of increasing impact and offering greater possibilities of equity and development.”


Alberto León

“Ever since I was young and as teacher and sport trainer I have been searching for the meaning of my life, why am I doing what I do? I would look around me, at the people in my life, people who want to learn or improve their skills. Then when I was in Nicaragua as a psychologist or coach, I met more people who needed help or wanted better results, and I found the best phrase that could define me; “Serve with meaning”. This phrase implies helping people to develop their potential, find a balance or resolve their conflicts, and they are the ones who have to take a leading role, and I myself just have to be an honest companion who is focused and has principles.”


Cristina Lizarza

“The position of reference that Dianova holds today, has been obtained through the competency, dedication and effort of all its teams. They are constantly focused on offering a quality service, responding to the needs of their beneficiaries and to the communities which they are a part of.

“In the name of all those teams, I accept the commitment with energy and perseverance, to be able to do something that we have always done well even better: contribute towards the development of people, communities and organizations in social and humanitarian areas.

“I firmly believe that we should consolidate and reinforce our position, while staying united and dedicated to our mission.

Together, we are stronger”


Xavier Pons-Formosa

I am a relatively new person, though not young, to join the organization as a collaborator. I come from the financial and consultancy sector. Right from the start, what has most surprised me about Dianova, its network and the people who form it, has been its capacity to analyse what is going on around it, and to understand social changes that are being produced and, after appropriate and reflexive debates, the ability to proceed towards making the necessary changes in its structure and strategic orientation, at the right moment and without delay.

In this assembly, apart from defining and reaching an agreement jointly between the all the strategic guidance of Dianova and its Network by 2020, a very significant step has been taken: the opening up of the organization to new members who, by offering contributions by way of their backgrounds, concerns and sensitivity, can only enrichen us and broaden our projects and social actions.

I am proud to form part of this great family.

Pierangelo PuppoPierangelo

“I am a simple person who puts a lot of passion into everything I do and believe in. I like to discuss at depth subjects I am interested in and, when I can, I like to read and write.

“I respect different opinions and I am a very sensitive, simple person who is full of doubts. I love life, football and my partner.”


Ana Santos

“I like living and actively participating in everything around me, because living is like weaving a rug with all the strands of yarn we find along the way.

“I try to live by respecting everybody life gives me the opportunity to meet (on both a personal and working level).

“I think that collaborating is the most powerful way to interact. I love learning, you can always improve, and do things better and learn even more. Learning is the driving force of our lives, we never stop learning in life.

“I consider myself to be an honest and determined person, and I need to feel part of those projects and activities that improve people’s lives.

“And, above all, it makes me happy, very happy, to see cheerful people, although only briefly.”


Elisa Stivan

“As the lyrics of the Rio Plata tango says: ‘This is what people say about me…’ People say that… I am nice, focused, direct, discrete, but always willing to take on new challenges with all the energy required.

“I appreciate the opportunity to form part of the council, and to be able to give the best I’ve got!

“There is a sentence I read a while ago and which I keep in mind: Insist, persist, resist and never give up.”