We’re Back on the Social Media!

After a period of inactivity on the social media, we decided to come back to offer new avenues for reflection and debate. Each month we will choose (or you will choose with us) one or more topics to discuss, whether or not oriented to the news. February will focus, inter alia, on the issue of marijuana decriminalization or legalization.

Hi everyone! We are very pleased to announce that from now on we will start offering new, quality contents on the social media. In February, we would like to address an important public health issue, which was quite well publicized in the media: the regulation or legalization of marijuana use in Uruguay and Colorado, USA.

Not only shall we provide you with relevant information about the situation in these two countries but we will also try to explore these issues more thoroughly in order to promote a better understanding of the issue and consequences of these decisions.  

We will count on the collaboration of several experts in this issue, such as Dr. Kevin Sabet, Director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida and co-founder of the SAM Project (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) with former congressman Patrick J. Kennedy. Through these well-informed opinions and with your contributions we hope to facilitate progress and understanding on this critical issue. Feel free to join us and participate!

In addition, we plan to launch an international, prevention and awareness campaign on drug and alcohol abuse. The REACT campaign has been designed to help people understand the problems they face, and to make them react and confront their addiction problem.

Our next destination will be in Nicaragua where we will try to understand the challenges rural women and girls must face in their daily lives. We will also examine the various proposals  from our colleagues, members of the Dianova Foundation, through their work in the Esther del Rio Las Marias school in Nicaragua.

Last but not least we will continue to keep you posted on any future developments about the Dianova network member organizations:  best practices, achievements, relevant activities and upcoming events, including those to take place soon in New York and Vienna.

Thank you all and feel free to participate!