The State of the Drug Problem in Europe

The State of the Drug Problem in Europe - 2012 annual report

Published every autumn, the 2012 annual report of the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction presents an overview of the drug phenomenon in Europe. The annual report is an essential reference book for policymakers, specialists and practitioners in the drug field or anyone seeking the latest findings on drug consumption, supply and availability, anti-drug policies and strategies, prevention or treatment practices.

After providing an overview of the situation in Europe towards the most commonly used substances and the political strategies and national and European anti-drug legislations, the final chapter blows the whistle on emerging trends and new drugs which are now commonly sold over the Internet. EU’s early warning system permitted to identify 164 new psychoactive substances in five years. These new drugs sold as ‘legal highs’ in the 693 online stores registered in 2012, are manufactured in laboratories usually located in China or India.

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