The Global Survey on the SDGs

Fill out this survey and help build understanding and awareness on issues related to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals

global survey

Help stimulate and accelerate the process of change towards sustainable development in our society by sharing your thoughts

In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This Agenda equips governments and the whole-of-society with a comprehensive set of instruments to advance equality, inclusion, social progress, personal development and peace for everyone, in all parts of the globe.

The international agenda for sustainable development requires that all countries, in every stage of development, work towards socio-economic progress, with respect for the environment and without leaving no one behind. Yet, after three years of its approval, many challenges remain untapped and many questions remain unanswered in regards to the level of understanding of this Agenda and to people’s perceptions and most pressing needs within its goals.

What does sustainability mean to you? How do people from every part of the world perceive sustainability in their daily life and in the work place? Which of the 17 SDGs seem to be most important to people in their context? For the first time ever, these questions are the focus of an initiative called the “Global Survey” – and everyone, everywhere, is invited to participate and help build a worldwide perception of the SDGs.

The Global Survey, supported by Dianova International and other partners, has been launched with the aim to establish the status of the understanding of sustainability and knowledge of the SDGs amongst individuals and professionals (i.e. representatives of companies, politics, academia and civil society) in all countries around the world. The purpose is to identify people’s priorities on relevant topics relating to the environment, social issues and the economy in the respective countries and to establish the urgency for action.

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