The Dianova Network is Growing

Four organizations have joined the Dianova network following Dianova International delegates’ Assembly

The Dianova network new members

The Dianova network is operating in 19 countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

The Dianova network has been reinforced following the incorporation of the Health Tourism Association of Izmir (IZSATU), the Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (KKAWF), the Reflection Group of Friends for Human Development (GRADH) and the Vulnerable People’s Development Organization (Kothowain).


On June 28 2018, the Assembly of Delegates of Dianova International unanimously approved the incorporation of a new affiliate member (IZSATU) and three new associate members (KKAWF, GRADH and Kothowain) who enhance the territoriality of the Dianova network in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Togo and Turkey. After these incorporations, the Dianova network is operating in 19 countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

With the incorporation of new associate and affiliate members since 2014, Dianova seeks to increase its critical mass as we believe that alliances will allow us to achieve a greater social impact. In short, we believe that together we will go further!

The Izmir Health Tourism Association (IZSATU) is an organization that seeks to contribute to the study, research and development of infrastructure, and to the opportunities and potential within Izmir in particular, and within Turkey in general, within the field of health tourism. One of the areas in which they work is the design and establishment of addiction treatment centers in Turkey.

The Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (KKAWF) works among adolescents in Pakistan to disseminate knowledge about the adverse effects of drug use at individual, family and society levels, and eliminate the taboos surrounding drug use to allow people to seek help. The organization focuses its activity on the prevention of drugs, the protection of the environment, the promotion of sports, art and culture, and, civic sense.

The Reflection Group of Friends for Human Development (GRADH) (Togo) is an organization with special consultative status in ECOSOC created in 2004, which provides theater performances as a means to raise awareness and educate the population of Togo regarding the prevention of communicable diseases and other factors that could improve the health condition of the population.

Finally, the Kothowain – Vulnerable People’s Development Organization aims to develop the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the mountainous Chittagong region of Bangladesh. It does so through its work in the areas of human rights, primary and higher levels of education, health and sanitation, development, empowerment, networking, and activities to tackle climate change.