The Dianova Foundation in Chile Certified by the Ministry of Education

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Following its recent inclusion in Chile’s National Register for Educational Assistance, administered by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), the Dianova Foundation au Chili is now able to deliver educational support services to the schools which benefit from the government’s Preferential School Grant, or SEP. This certification opens up new challenges for Dianova, in the short, medium and long term, in the path of the organization’s future growth and development and on behalf of a professional and ethical commitment that we hope will bear fruits at all levels.

“Our goal is to continue to work for the benefit of our people of value and for the beneficiaries of our services. We have reached an important milestone, and at the same time, we have now engaged in a new way in which we invite our partners and supporters to join us.” (The Direction)

What is the National Registry for Educational and Technical Assistance (ATE)?

It is a national, public register of persons and organizations who have proved to be adept at providing educational and technical assistance to educational institutions, within the framework of the Quality Education Improvement Plan. The ATE register includes individuals, organizations and educational institutions having relevant experience in the areas established by the Register. The registration to the ATE has to be approved by the Chilean Ministry of Education.

What is the Preferential School Grant (SEP)?

Is is a financial aid granted by the Chilean State to educational institutions receiving “priority” students, that is to say those whose social and financial situation at home is likely to undermine their education process. Schools benefiting from the SEP and wishing to receive external assistance services must appeal to individuals or organizations listed in the ATE national register in order to finance these services.