Telefonica Ability Awards

The President of Dianova in Spain (middle)

The very first edition of the Telefónica awards in Spain intended to reward sustainable business models taking into account disability. Dianova was nominated in the category of “Prevention & Retention” with a social support program for its employees, a program which objective is to enable those suffering from chronic health problems keep their jobs with the guarantee of an optimal quality of work life. The organization received the “Organization Ability” award.

The event was held last January 17th, at the company’s Madrid headquarters. Over four hundred guests attended the gala, including representatives of the government and Spanish autonomous communities, cultural and political personalities, representatives of trade unions, the media and influential members of the business world and representatives of a variety of community-based organizations dedicated to promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

The winners of the event’s first edition were selected by the Board of the Telefónica Ability Awards foundation, formed by Mr. César Alierta,  chairman of Telefónica, and about thirty other personalities, including Mr. Ramón Jáuregui, Minister of the Presidency, Ms. Leire Pajín, Minister of Health, Social Policies and Equality, Mr Miguel Sebastián, Minister of the Industy, Tourism and Trade, Ms Esperanza Aguirre, President of the community of Madrid, along with representatives of the business world, universities, unions and organizations dedicated to the rights of persons with disabilities, such as CERMI (Spanish committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities), the ONCE, and the ONCE foundation.

During the month of November, the foundation selected 48 finalists, referred to as the “Compañías Ability”, among the 273 which had originally applied.

The Telefónica Ability Awards

Main Categories

  • Commitment and personnel leadership: the Siro group
  • Recruitment and selection: MRW
  • Accessibility: Sanitas
  • Customer orientation: the Ayuntamiento of Sevilla
  • Vocational training and professional growth: the Siro group
  • Prevention and retention: CapGemini

Absolute Categories

  • Best private large company: Repsol YPF
  • Best private small & medium-sized business: Hotel Plaza Entremares SL
  • Best public sector organization: Aena
  • Congratulations to all, winners and participants!

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