Team Building & Bonding in Corporate Cooking Session

Dianova Portugal

The importance of team building in the construction of corporate identity, the experience of Dianova Portugal


Team building is defined by the implementation of activities designed to provide fun moments that help to break the daily routine in the work environment, while providing enthusiasm and motivation to employees, a renewed energy which will later on be reflected in the staff productivity and positive working attitude.

Dianova Portugal considers team building as a methodology which harmonizes the personnel’s various skills and diversity with the organization’s culture and objectives. At the same time, team building helps strengthen the group while enabling it to find new solutions to everyday problems in a participative fashion. The most important benefits of this type of activity are the clarification of the team’s various goals and values, and that of the organization’s mission, vision and values, as well as enabling the development of individual skills, essential to a good team interaction.

team buildingFor this purpose, on May 3 the staff of the Quinta das Lapas therapeutic community participated in a team building session organized by “Kiss the Cook“, in Lisbon. In a fully equipped kitchen, between pots and pans, the staff of Dianova Portugal had a unique experience which resulted in strengthening the cohesion of the team while having lots of fun. 

Kiss the Cook” is as an innovative concept that allows participants to learn cooking while having fun. In addition ‘Kiss the Cook’ provides team building activities to generate dynamic partnerships and develop synergies between people or between a company or organization’s various departments.