Strategy: the Member Organizations’ Action Plan

Santos Cavero

The Dianova Network Member organizations presented their strategic plan 2016-2020

The development work of the strategic plan of each member organization of the Dianova network began soon after the 2015 Assembly (in which the delegates from member organizations approved the overall strategic direction of the organization Dianova) based on Dianova’s 2020 strategic guidelines, i.e.

  • Diversification: We implement projects through strategic alliances that ensure our autonomy and viability.
  • Internationality: We aim to be global citizens, working as ambassadors of networking.
  • Proactivity: Our responsibility is to make things happen.
  • Adaptability: We provide effective responses to the challenges of a changing environment, strengthening internal cohesion and organizational development.

Before beginning the strategic planning per se, member organizations had first of all  to establish a portrait of their organization and of the environment in which they function and interact. For this purpose, an internal analysis was conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organization concerned, including that of their management, services and social impact, human resources, communication and finances. At the same time, each organization had to endeavor to identify the opportunities and threats related to their environment (external analysis).

After having performed this analysis and synthesis, each organization designed their strategic planning according to their own objectives and based on the framework set by Dianova’s strategic guidelines.

All these tasks were carried out in a collegial manner, with working groups composed of the organization’s management and heads of the various departments, with the support and coaching of external consultants when needed. The outcomes of this work were then approved by the board of directors of each member organization before they were presented at the Assembly of delegates on the 27 June 2016.