Sodalitas Social Innovation Prize Awarded to Dianova in Italy

For the second year in a row, Dianova in Italy was awarded a prize by the “Sodalitas Social Innovation” program. The second edition of the Sodalitas Social Innovation program was held in Milan (Italy), the latter initiative being dedicated to help community-based and nonprofit organizations develop the skills and tools necessary to prepare stronger and innovative social business plans.

The overall objective of the Sodalitas Social Innovation initiative is to enable responsible organizations to build effective corporate partnerships and support the growth of the third sector as a whole.

Ms. Ceccarelli received the award on behalf of Dianova

129 projects from 123 nonprofit organizations were represented in Milan. Among the latter, 13 successfully passed the selection stage and were presented to the public during the event “Social Innovation and Competitiveness: growing in time of crisis”. Dianova chose to present the Social Camp project which has been implemented at the Garbagnate center under the supervision of Dr. Federica Ceccarelli et Dr. Gianni Carrino. Ms. Ceccarelli received the award on behalf of Dianova.

The Social Camp community project was created to respond some of the social, cultural, and environmental challenges through an educational park implemented in the forest adjacent to the Garbagnate Center, in the heart of the Groane Park. The creation of this camp aims to provide young people and families with a wide range of environment-related activities and educational services. In addition, the camp provides a series of social and relational experiences aimed at promoting cognitive, emotional and social development.

The Social Camp Program (in italian)