Social Action and Development Aid in Nicaragua

Dianova Nicaragua Foundation’s achievements and projects

Laboratory in Dianova's facility (Nicaragua)

Last May representatives of Dianova International (OID) visited Nicaragua to take part in the annual assembly of the *Dianova Nicaragua foundation (FDN), in order to identify those points where the OID and FDN can strengthen their cooperation and exchange knowledge for the development of effective social projects in Nicaragua.

In the space of a week, the OID management team has had the opportunity to share experiences with a dynamic determined group of people who are dedicated to the work of the FDN and have witnessed the impact of the foundation’s proceedings.

With solid ties established with key government and non-governmental agencies, the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation has, since its inception, been carrying out a variety of social and cooperation projects for development in favour of Nicaraguan society within the fields of education, and addiction prevention and treatment. Those who have benefitted from this are the following :

  • 4,319 girls, boys and adolescents in the education sector, (primary, secondary and technical),
  • 4,946 young people from various programs of prevention, treatment y reinsertion of drug addiction and also
  • 7,868 fathers, mothers or guardians, through psychosocial attention,
  • Campaigns for basic needs, through the program of in-kind donations, more than 30.000 people will benefit from basic needs goods,
  • Campaigns for vaccinations, 750 boys and girls,
  • Campaigns for literacy for adolescents and adults. 2,550 beneficiaries,
  • Campaign to support housing, aid for repairs and fittings. 58 families.
Hugo España, President, Dianova Nicaragua Foundation

In 2016, the FDN has expanded and strengthened relationships with national and international agencies in order to start up various projects. Within this context and also that of education, the Foundation has contributed providing study facilities and educational material for primary and secondary schools in the most deprived regions of the country.

Likewise, the establishment of the first science laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the country has been guaranteed in its installations in Carazo with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, which will be of benefit to 300 students from 10 secondary schools. In addition, Dianova will develop, within its educational programme for young people and adolescents, various programmes for the prevention of addictions in schools and Universities around the country.

Hotel Europeo (Managua, Nicaragua)

This project, managed by the FDN, will have its headquarters at the Hotel Europeo in Managua, a non-profit making establishment, whose profits will go towards maintaining its social projects. In short, responsible tourism will hopefullty create a unique opportunity so that this country with its strong personality and its rich flora and fauna can be discovered, while making an important investment in community development and social progress.

From a perspective of potential growth of social performance, Dianova’s working teams will share good practices and define the principal management outlines for the next two years.

A week of work where we had the opportunity to strengthen the personal and professional relationships between the OID and the Foundation, within the Dianova Network’s common objective of building a society that is more just and more balanced. TOGETHER, FARTHER !!