September 27 – World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

The Europeo Hotel in Managua sets an example of the positive impact of responsible tourism practices in community development

Managua is moving fast; its pace is now that of a large capital city where people go to perform different activities such as meetings, business, cooperation or just tourism and sightseeing. At the heart of this urban setting is located the Europeo Hotel, managed by the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation whose mission is “to provide quality hotel services with personalized attention and to support local community development through the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation.”

The Foundation operates an educational project located in the municipality of Santa Teresa, in the Carazo region. The Esther del Rio – Las Marias Integral Education Center provides rural youth with agricultural training courses as well as general secondary education. This opportunity enables young rural people to complete secondary education while achieving mid-level capacity-building in the agricultural and forestry sector.

Las Marias educational facility Young graduates Europeo Hotel Europeo Hotel

In a few days, Dianova International and Rutas Escondidas are to launch a campaign to promote responsible tourism in Nicaragua. Customized trips will be offered to those who already have a good idea of the places they wish to visit or the activities they want to enjoy. In addition, group trips will be proposed to those who love sharing experiences and meet local people while paying a fair price. Lastly, short trips will provide those passing through with itineraries adapted to one up to three-day visits.

We offer you to get to know this wonderful country in a responsible and sustainable fashion while encouraging local participation and development and giving tourism a more human face.

“The Europeo Hotel Covers 75% of the Educational Center’s Costs”

This initiative has proved efficient in responding to the concerns of rural young people who may now complete secondary education with the skills that are likely to facilitate decent employment and incomes. The Europeo Hotel currently covers 75% of the estimated costs of the Esther del Rio – Las Marias education facility.

The Europeo hotel is located in the area of El Nuevo Centro, or the city center, in the Bolonia district, in a street which is calm and tranquil yet well connected.

Hotel rooms are of varying sizes but all of them are in very good conditions and offer all the comfort and privacy of a three-star hotel. The hotel’s Nicaraguan-style, warm wood tones are especially appealing and offer an uncluttered and airy ambiance completed by a nice swimming pool and outdoor dining area situated in a central courtyard resembling a small orchard with lush vegetation  and bird songs.

Dining Room

Guests usually choose the Europeo Hotel as a pleasant workplace. Wi-Fi connection is available for all visitors and the hotel provides  a meeting place in a quiet and tranquil environment. It is also a venue where one can simply relax, take a bath or have a nice cold beer after one’s workday.

If you happen to choose the Europeo Hotel, you may meet with groups who have come to Nicaragua for business purposes, or to exchange work experiences within the third sectors, such as those young Americans who are implementing awareness seminars.

In addition the Europeo Hotel provides nature-friendly organized tours which are participating fully in local economy development while increasing product quality.

The friendliness of the Hotel staff is also worth mentioning, starting with the management team whom has proved especially competent and knowledgeable about the possibilities offered by the city and country, not to mention the charming dining room and bar personnel who will make you feel at home immediately.

To make it short, unlike bland motels, impersonal hotel chains or dodgy backpackers, the Europeo Hotel is a lively meeting place, full of like-minded people. It is located downtown Managua and offers a tranquil ambiance. You’ll be delighted to wake up to the sound of singing birds, and above all, you’ll be proud to contribute to the development of an educational project which is truly improving people’s lives.

Margarita Alvarado & Mario Prieto
Eco-friendly travelers practicing Responsible Tourism

Photos: Elieth López & Mario Prieto