Seminar on Drugs & Cooperation in Argentina

Organized by RIOD, the eighteenth seminar on Drugs and Cooperation was held in Argentina, from May 16th to 20th. Dianova representatives attended the seminar and presented Dianova’s early prevention programme developed in Spain.

riod-seminar-argentinaEntitled “Multiple solutions to a complex problem”, the seminar was held in Rio Hondo, Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina from the 16th to the 20th May 2016 in the city’s Cultural Center.

The seminar was open to the public and was attended by 1,100 people, from Spain, most Latin American countries and the Argentine provinces, especially the northern areas.

The RIOD (Latin American Network of NGOs working in Drug Addiction) seminar enjoyed the support of the highest authorities of the province of Santiago del Estero, the Argentine Drugs Secretary, the FLACT (Latin American Federation of Therapeutic Communities) and the FONGA (Federation of NGOs of Argentina).

The agenda of the seminar covered different areas related to drugs:

  • Civil society against drug conventions
  • Results of the UNGASS 2016, future prospects
  • Women, drugs and imprisonment policy in the Americas
  • Drugs and public health: Which way do we go?
  • Local management and drugs policy
  • Universal access policies and the quality of approaches to assistance
  • Guarantees of attention to the drug dependent population
  • Approaches to prevention. An updated look
  • Damage reduction as an engine of change in drug policy
  • National public policies
  • Stigma and social inequality of the drug user
  • Culture of peace and restorative practices in the region of Central America and the Caribbean
  • Drugs and crime. Restorative and peace alternatives
  • Presentation of best practices in the prevention and treatment evaluated
  • Human rights and drugs

riod-seminarDianova Spain was present during two activities: a presentation in the Approaches to Prevention module — an updated look where they shared with those present their experiences of the Early Intervention Programme and a poster about best practices, RIOD section (Primary Prevention).

The presentation of the Early Intervention Programme aroused the public’s interest — especially those aspects related to the impact of ICT on youths — which is a new topic and one about which there are very few evaluated data

Dianova thanks the organizers for their efforts in preparing an event of such magnitude and for their warm welcome.