Report on the EU Parliament Event

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Report on the Event at the EU Parliament on UNGASS 2016 (Sept. 2015)

Over 100 Members of the European Parliament, researchers, NGO representatives and government observers met at the European Parliament in Brussels this past September to discuss the United Nation’s forthcoming Global Drug Policy Review (UNGASS), which is to take place next year in New York.

The event which included guest speakers and lecturers from the United Nations, the European Commission and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) was co-organized by European drug policy network EURAD, Dianova Internationaland Polish MEP Michal Boni of the European People’s Party, to bring what is currently a very polarized global drug debate into the public domain.

Press Coverage

  •   56 Mentions in social media, newspapers and blogs
  •   Clippings: 148, 169 = estimated audience
  •   Total event impact: 260,934 people

Contact Details of Organizers

Presentations (download)

  •   Tatiana Jehl, Secretary of Governing Bodies, Office of the United Nations on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) – download
  •   Fay Watson, Western European representaive, Civil Society Task Force for UNGASS 2016 / secretary general, EURAD – download
  •   Elena Goti, directrice relations internationales, Dianova International – télécharger
  •   Lawrence Watson, Member of the advisory board, Doi Tung Development Project / Mae Fah Luang Foundation (Thailand) – download

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