“What About Doing Something Else This Weekend?”

"What About Doing Something Else This Weekend?"

In Spain the FAD (drug addiction help foundation) launched a new communication line intended for social networks’ youngest users. A series of thought-provoking videos was produced to promote awareness about alcohol abuse and its consequences. “What About Doing Something Else This Weekend?” is the first video’s slogan.

This campaign is part of FAD‘s commitment to try raising awareness and encourage reflection about alcohol, a substance used by 62% of Spanish adolescents aged 14 and by one in three Spaniards every weekend or so.

The video conveys the following message to young people: doing the same thing every weekend, that is going out and have drinks, finally ends up to be boring. According to various surveys by the FAD, young people usually have high expectations vis-à-vis their next weekend, which are never, or almost never fulfilled. In fact, may claim to become easily bored because weekend ingredients are always the same: same people, same activities, same places…

Become a member of the FAD and help us so that our children and teens have the tools and skills necessary to deal with alcohol responsibly, critically, and independently. With 10 euros each month, FAD may help a teen during one school year, enabling him/her to adequately cope with at-risk situations.

You may also collaborate with us by forwarding this message to all your friends and acquaintances on social networks. Please use Twitter hashtag #algodiferenteestefinde should you want to write a message on this topic. The more you disseminate this information, the better our results!