“La Quintanilla” Renamed “Mercedes Soria” Center

"La Quintanilla" was renamed Mercedes Soria Educational & Therapeutic Center

Located in Spain’s Murcia region, “La Quintanilla” center is especially suited to the needs of an intensive, therapeutic and educational intervention aimed at adolescents. The center’s tranquil environment enables residents to focus on their problems and rebalance their lifestyles. On February 15, a tribute was paid to the center’s director since 2002, Mrs. Mercedes “Maricé” Soria.


The guests first unveiled a plaque engraved with the center’s new name “CET Mercedes Soria“, and Maricé received a bouquet and a commemorative tablet in recognition of a life lived in service to others.

Were present at the celebration Messrs Santos Cavero and Rosario Jimenez, representing the direction of Dianova; Maricé’s son Jose Luis; a delegation from Dianova’s office in Madrid; some former employees (Esther, Sergio Campos, Rosi, Ramón, etc..); former residents of the center; as well as many, many friends. Dianova’s therapeutic and educational team played host to all of them, along with the center’s current residents who had taken great pleasure in decorating the center in the previous days.

One of the oldest team member read a letter on behalf of all those who have worked with Marice; the latter then emotionally thanked all those present and those that would have liked to be there.

Marice, with Dianova President, Mr. Luca FranceschiAfter the ceremony, everyone was invited to feast on the traditional “gazpacho manchego”, cooked by Dani, another employee of the center, and his wife Rosana, who prepared the meal for more than sixty guests.

At the end of the meal, Maricé blew the candles on the birthday cake symbolizing the center’s 10th anniversary, and a projection of photographs served to remind good times. Other presentations were also projected on behalf of Can Parellada center, and Dianova International.