Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment

Dianova co-sponsors five events to be held during the sessions of the 61st meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) – 13 to 24 March, New York

March is the month when we celebrate the International Women’s Day and it is also when the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) annually meet in New York. During two weeks, member states representatives will focus on the next steps to advance women’s rights in an exchange with their counterparts, civil society representatives and other stakeholders. Last year, discussing the link between women’s empowerment and sustainable development, the CSW 60 resulted “in a historic commitment to the gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. This year, from 13 to 24 of March, the Priority Theme of the 61th Session of the Commission will address “The Economic Empowerment of Women in the Changing World of Work”.

For this Session, Dianova addressed the Commission with a written statement to raise awareness on women-specific vulnerabilities in the current flow of forced migration and to call on member states to adhere to key recommendations for the protection and empowerment of women on the move.

Read Dianova’s written statement to CSW61 in English, Español, Français


Dianova is co-sponsoring five events during the CSW 61

Together with partner member states and civil society organizations, Dianova is co-sponsoring the organization of one side event and four parallel events to the CSW 61:

  • March 16, 3pm, Conference Room A, United Nations, main building. (Side Event) – Violence, Crises, Adversity, and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs): Implications for Global Health and Well-Being of Women and Children
  • March 18, 8:30am, Church Centre for the United Nation, Boss Room, 777 United Nations Plaza, 8th floor – Empowerment through Education: Women’s Participation in Decision Making Processes and Economic Life
  • March 21, 10:30am, Salvation Army Auditorium, 221 E 52nd St, NY – Countering Xenophobia: The Social and Economic Contribution of Migrant Women
  • March 22, 12:30pm, Church Centre for the United Nation, Boss Room, 777 United Nations Plaza, 8th floor – Challenges and Opportunities for Migrant Women Economic Empowerment
  • March 23, 12:30pm, 2nd Floor Church Center for the United Nations – Innovations in Educational, Technology & Mental Health for Economic and Social Empowerment.