Professional Seminar in Uruguay

Professional Seminar in Uruguay


Professional seminar in Uruguay: “Specific Applications of the Motivational Interviewing for Drug Users” and “A Comprehensive Approach in Dual Pathology”

(Text initially published on the website of the National Board on Drugs) In the context of permanent training and strengthening of the teams in charge of the drug assistance services, the Dianova Foundation organized the seminar “Specific applications of the Motivational Interviewing for drug users” and “A Comprehensive approach in Dual Pathology”. The presentations were made by Ms. Liria Ortiz and Dr. Maximiliano Gutiérrez. The event benefited from the collaboration of the National Drug Board (Junta Nacional de Drogas) and the National Network on Drugs Assistance and Treatment (RENADRO).

Professional seminar in Uruguay

The event was held in the Assembly hall of the Executive Tower on Tuesday, August 11.  150 people attended the event, including technicians, professionals and social agents from Montevideo and the country’s interior; many of them part of the different treatment centers. Ms. Ortiz made the presentation entitled “Specific applications of the Motivational Interviewing for drug users” and Dr. Gutiérrez talked about the “A Comprehensive approach in Dual Pathology”.

An evaluation of the day showed that 97% of the participants rated the topics as very positive and almost 95% of the respondent assistants agree on the high standards of the presentations.

Regarding the applicability of knowledge and the experiences shared by the speakers, a significantly high percent of the participants affirmed that the topics were highly applicable (78%), and 20% answer that were very applicable.

The Dianova Uruguay’s representative, Jordi Alos, appreciated the willingness of the State to create strategic partnerships with civil society and added that it “enriches all parties”. To Alos, “we all have responsibilities and working side by side adds value in many respects”.

The evaluation on the scope of the seminar, the topics were, according to 63% of the participants very relevant and 34% said they were relevant; 34% of the participants found them of very high level and 41% of high level..

It should be pointed out that Dianova has an internal training plan which aims to take care of the members of the different teams and its development; to constant review the working methodology and to update the concepts. Also, our organization shares trainings with other groups, because it is an enriching experience and enables greater learning to all of us.

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