1. Drugs: Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Populations


    Dianova attends the Second WHO Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours

  2. 49th General Assembly of the OAS


    Dianova participates in the most important governmental meeting in Latin America to demand that drug policies respect human rights

  3. Dianova Participates in the ‘Geneva Drug Policy Week’


    Dianova emphasized the importance of the relationship between drugs, gender and stigma at the Geneva Drug Policy Week

  4. World Drug Report 2019


    The World Drug Report reveals that prevention and treatment continue to fall short, with only 1 in 7 people with drug use disorders receiving treatment each year

  5. Geneva Drug Policy Week


    Presentation of the events related to drug policies that will take place in Geneva (Switzerland), with attendance from Dianova representatives

  6. Best Practices of the Dianova Network


    In the framework of the annual meetings of the Dianova Network, representatives of nine member organizations shared their projects and best practices

  7. Training: “Towards an Unequivocal Contribution”


    The 12th ‘Management and Development’ Dianova International training session was held in Casteldefells, with 12 participting member organizations

  8. XXI Seminar of RIOD


    Between May 27 and 29 the 21st Ibero-American Seminar on Drugs and Cooperation was held: “the intervention in drugs based on ethics, quality and methodological rigor”

  9. OAS Meeting on Drug Policies in Latin America


    Among other elements, the meeting emphasized regional efforts to implement and follow up on the recommendations of the UNGASS 2016

  10. A Purpose-driven Company, Unilever


    Unilever brands take an active part in social change and put sustainable development at the heart of all their activities