1. Preparation of the CND Ministerial Segment


    Preparations for the next high-level meeting on drug policy worldwide

  2. NGOs at the United Nations


    The new Board of Directors of CoNGO held its first meeting in the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the organization

  3. 73rd UN General Assembly


    UNGA is the main policymaking body that annually assembles Heads of States at the United Nations

  4. Global Civil Society Consultation


    CSTF launches global civil society consultation to prepare for next high-level meeting of CND

  5. 17th International EWODOR Symposium


    On September 20 and 21, the 17th EWODOR International Symposium was held in Ghent (Belgium)

  6. Global Compact for Migration


    Take a glimpse into the very first comprehensive intergovernmental agreement for cooperation on migration-related issues

  7. The Dianova Network is Growing


    Four organizations have joined the Dianova network following Dianova International delegates’ Assembly

  8. ‘EXIT’ Magazine #31 – Editorial


    Editorial excerpt from the online EXIT® magazine published by Dianova Portugal association in the English language

  9. Social Reintegration Enterprise: Dianova’s Plant Nursery


    Good practice for the social reintegration of former drug users in Portugal

  10. The Role of Menstrual Hygiene in Development


    The Role of Menstrual Hygiene Management in Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development