1. A charity concert to help Nicaragua

    A Charity Concert to Help Nicaragua


    This coming October 29th, the National Auditorium of The City of Madrid will host the Santa Cecilia Classical Orchestra for a special concert dedicated to the finest film soundtracks.The concert will help raise funding dedicated to improving the water and electrical supply systems of Dianova’s Las Marias School in Nicaragua.

  2. UNESCO's associated schools network

    Las Marias Joins UNESCO School Network


    Dianova’s Las Marias Holistic Educational Center, located in the Managua area of Nicaragua, has received, and accepted, a formal invitation from UNESCO to become affiliated with that organization’s Associated Schools network. As a result, the Las Marias school is now part of “ASPnet” (UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network), which consists of more than 8,500 educational institutions worldwide.

  3. Dianova to lead the EAD campaign in Portugal

    Dianova to Lead EAD Campaign in Portugal


    After Dianova in Portugal joined the campaign on June 25th, in Brussels, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security has appointed the organization in Portugal supervisor of the “EAD” campaign in this country. The EU-led campaign, launched in 2009 in the 27 state members, currently comprises 708 different initiatives.

  4. Yuri Fedotov

    New Director Appointed at UNODC


    Appointed in July by the UN Secretary General, Russian diplomat  Mr.Yuri Fedotov took office as the new Director of the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) at the organization’s Headquarters in Vienna (Austria), He also became director of the United Nations Office at Vienna.

  5. Club Dianova Espartinas

    Dianova Espartinas Club


    Since its inception, the Las Marias Holistic Education Center has placed great emphasis on student sports. In Nicaragua, the latter represents a tool that is particularly appropriate to encouraging personal development and the adequate integration of youth. Las Marias center provided the country with many young sportsmen and sportswomen who have won a number of… Read more »

  6. New Recycling Workshop in Spain

    New Recycling Workshop in Spain


    Santa Lucia Dianova therapeutic center (Madrid region, Spain) implemented a new recycling workshop dedicated to educate young people about sustainable development, a field which is deemed essential for Dianova.Tatiana Toledo, an education assistant who supervises the project, stresses “the importance of educating residents and staff about the importance of recycling and reusing any type of product, equipment, or waste material of any kind in the management of the center’s daily activities.

  7. World Drug Report

    Review of World Drug Report


    The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) introduced the World Drug Report 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington on June 23rd, 2010.

  8. Reviewing the UN’s Drug Prohibition Framework

    Reviewing the UN’s Drug Prohibition Framework


    In reviewing the case for the “failure” of the UN’s drug prohibition framework, many groups reiterate some of the classic logic errors of the drug reform movement. Recent events at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs offered an opportunity for many drug policy groups, including Wood et al.’s (2009) recent article in the Lancet,… Read more »

  9. Press conference - Dianova and the Vallnord Foundation

    Agreement Signed Between Dianova and Vallnord


    Dianova International and the Vallnord Foundation of Andorra have signed an agreement to implement cooperation initiatives aiming at improving the quality of life of socially at-risk young people. The president of the Vallnord Foundation, Josep María Camp, and the president of Dianova International, José Ángel Muñiz, have signed a cooperative agreement to implement charitable initiatives… Read more »

  10. Dianova Honored by Spanish Red Cross

    Dianova Honored by Spanish Red Cross


    Dianova Spain honored by spanish red cross for good practices in the treatment and social re-integration of adolescent drug abusers