1. Learning experiences at Bosc Animat

    The Bosc Animat, Awarded Best Initiative


    On December 2, the Bosc Animat of Catalunya en Miniatura was awarded “Best Entrepreneurial Initiative” at an award ceremony organized by the municipalities of de Molins de Rei, Corbera de Llobregat, Cervelló, La Palma de Cervelló, El Papiol, Sta. Coloma de Cervelló, Torrelles de LLobregat, Pallejà, Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Vallirana and Sant Feliu de Llobregat, in collaboration with PIMEC and Barcelona’s City Council.

  2. In Portugal, Dianova Joins EFTC

    In Portugal, Dianova Joins EFTC


    In Portugal, Dianova became a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities – official agreement was announced at EFTC General Assembly held in Italy, during the month of October.

  3. World AIDS Day

    World AIDS Day


    The world is living with AIDS for over twenty-five years. And in twenty-five years, the evolution of the disease has been fundamentally different, depending on countries and regions.Over the past decade, citizens of rich countries feel less and less concerned about the disease and prevention efforts’ efficiency dropped.

  4. Presentation of study by Mats Fridell, PhD

    Follow-up Study in Sweden


    On Dianova in Sweden’s initiative, the Department of Pyschology of Lund University launched an outcome study in a cohort of 72 individuals having requested Dianova’s services. The study begun in 2005 and was made possible by the fieldwork of Ms. Johana Crabo and Maja Gradowska, as part of their final psychology dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Mats Friedel, professor of clinical psychology and Psychotherapist, with financial support from Swedish government agency “Mobilisering mot Narkotika” and Dianova in Sweden

  5. Las Marias Holistic Education Center

    UNESCO Affiliation in Nicaragua


    On Nov. 19, 2010, school year ended with a high note at Dianova’s Las Marias Holistic Education Center for the official awarding of the certificate of affiliation to UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet)  

  6. The Dianova Network

    The Dianova Network Manifesto


    At Dianova International’s General Assembly, held in Madrid on October 30th, threpresentatives of the network’s member organizations have approved two important documents: “The Dianova Network Manifesto” and the “Charter of Accountability”.

  7. From left to right. Luca Franceschi (President of Dianova International), Juan Echanove, Nejama Bergman (President of Dianova in Nicaragua) and Imanol Arias

    1st Charity Concert Dedicated in Music & Cinema


    The National Auditorium of the city of Madrid hosted the Santa Cecilia classical orchestra, under the direction of Cristóbal Soler, to help raise funds for Dianova’s Las Marias school in Nicaragua. The proceeds from the concert reached 30,000€, compared to the 36 955€ necessary to complete the project of providing water and lighting to the… Read more »

  8. Tim Guénard, stronger than hate

    1st European Congress on Resiliency


    The Risk Management Research Center, which depends of the University of Barcelona organized on October 20 – 22, at the Bellaterra University Campus, the first European congress on Resiliency, the theme of which was: “Growing Despite Adversity”

  9. Stéphanie Lavallée, project's coordinator

    “Empowering my Life” Program Awarded


    Over one hundred young adults participated in an innovative prevention program that utilizes a variety of different approaches dedicated to help the participants start thinking about their substance use, especially cannabis use. After about ten groups were organized in close collaboration with agencies working in Terrebonne region (near Montreal), the project was nominated finalist at Terrebonne’s  2010 “Griffon d’Or” awards ceremony.

  10. WFTC Genoa Institute

    WFTC Genoa Institute


    The WFTC Genoa Institute, has brought together 200 people from the 52 countries represented in the WFTC who are involved with and committed to the work of therapeutic communities as they contribute a response to the global substance misuse and related problems.