1. American drug war

    The Global War on Drugs Has Failed


    New York, Thursday, June 2 – The Global Commission on Drug Policy declared the global “war on drugs” a failure and called for a new approach to reducing drug abuse to replace the existing strategy of strictly criminalizing drugs. “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world” said the report issued by the commission Thursday.

  2. 1st Edition of Dianova | Lusófona Award

    1st Edition of Dianova | Lusófona Award


    Following the new stand taken by Dianova in the areas of education and training, a strategic partnership was established between Dianova and the Lusófona University, which led to the creation of the first edition of the Dianova | Lusófona Award dedicated to “Managing Sustainable Noble Causes”, to be publicly presented in Lisbon on May 24.

    The award aims to reward excellence and originality in the production of scientific knowledge, in theory and practice, likely to contribute to greater effectiveness of nonprofit and community-based organizations in Portugal, in operational, organizational and social areas. The award is intended for graduate and master students in the following domains: communication, marketing, management, economics, political science, law, social administration, sociology, social work and psychology.

  3. Chilean President with the Children of San Bernardo

    Chilean President Visits Dianova’s San Bernardo Center


    May 11, Mr. Sebastian Pinera, President of the Republic of Chile, accompanied by Interior Minister, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, and the Executive Secretary of the National Narcotics Control Board (CONACE), Francisca Florenzano, chose Dianova’s San Bernardo Center, to announce Chile’s new prevention and treatment initiative to reduce alcohol and illegal drug use by 2014. During his speech, Mr. Pinera surrounded himself with mothers with their children, presently undergoing a treatment program at San Bernardo. View the event’s photos on Flickr

  4. Telefonica Ability Awards logo

    Dianova Nominated to Awards


    Dianova in Spain has been selected as a finalist in the “Teléfonica  Ability Awards”, which rewards sustainable business models that maintain employability despite adverse health conditions. Dianova was nominated in the category “Prevention and Employability”, with a social program which is destined to improve quality of life among its employees.

  5. Conference in Lisbon

    European Action on Drugs


    As a national coordinator of the “European Action on Drugs” (EAD) campaign, led by the European Commission, Dianova hosted a national conference on this topic at Lisbon’s Jean Monnet center.As a campaign signatory and National Supervisor in Portugal, Dianova presented the preliminary results of a Dianova-led, drug awareness initiative which is currently underway in the country: “Do not waste your own life”.

  6. Ms. Bachelet, UN Women Executive Director

    UN-Women Now Launched


    The United Nations have launched a new entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly approved the creation of a new UN entity dedicated to promoting and coordinating global efforts towards gender equality and women empowerment. Dianova representative, Mrs. Elena Goti was officially invited to celebrate the entity’s official launch at UN headquarters in New York city, on February, 24

  7. Dianova, Official Partner of UNESCO

    Dianova, Official Partner of UNESCO


    Dianova International has been approved as an “NGO, official partner of UNESCO” (Consultative status). This formal recognition granted to Dianova International has been made possible through the support provided by the organization to the work of Dianova teams in Nicaragua in Las Marias Holistic Educational Center. This school provides primary and secondary education to more than three hundred students each year, part of whom are stemming from disadvantaged, rural areas – a commitment which was rewarded in 2010 by its integration to UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network (ASPnet)

  8. The President of Dianova in Spain (middle)

    Telefonica Ability Awards


    The very first edition of the Telefónica awards in Spain intended to reward sustainable business models taking into account disability. Dianova was nominated in the category of “Prevention & Retention” with a social support program for its employees, a program which objective is to enable those suffering from chronic health problems keep their jobs with the guarantee of an optimal quality of work life. The organization received the “Organization Ability” award.

  9. Lithograph by Joaquim Pujol, offered to Dianova

    Foundations of Dianova’s Education Project


    For nearly forty years, the Dianova network has vowed to give each person in their care the means to achieve greater freedom and self-reliance, and to be able to change. To achieve such a commitment, we have developed practices which are based not only on introspection and adequate relationships between people, but also on learning. Learning means change; thus education, whether formal or informal, has always been the core of Dianova’s social projects.

  10. Elena Goti Deputy secretary of VNGOC

    A New Chairperson for VNGOC


    3 December 2010 – Mr. Michel Perron, Director General of the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse (CCSA), has been appointed the new Chairperson of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC). Mr. Perron is no stranger to the VNOGC, or to the Dianova team in Quebec, whose members have had already the opportunity to work in close partnership with CCSA. Dianova’s  representative, Ms. Elena Goti is appointed Deputy Secretary.