1. Ending the War on Drugs in the Americas

    Ending the War on Drugs in the Americas


    The American Drug Policy Coalition wishes to move from repression to policies based on human rights, social justice and public health

  2. Addiction: Respecting Children’s Rights


    The time has come to address the rights of children who are exposed to substance misuse

  3. “Together, We Grow” Families as health agents

    “Together, We Grow” Families as health agents


    Interview with Antonio Vázquez de la Torre, Rotary Club representative for the universal prevention training project for families “Together, We Grow.”

  4. The UN We need for the World We Want


    “There is no “planet B.” The planet we live on is all we have. We must make sure it’s liveable, peaceful and sustainable”

  5. The 2030 Agenda and Addiction Policies in Ibero-America


    RIOD publishes a report on the work that organizations in the addiction sector are doing to contribute to the 2030 Agenda

  6. Involving Families in the Prevention of Addictions


    The Rotary Action Group or Addiction Prevention supports a prevention programme soon to be implemented by Rotary Clubs in Spain and Dianova

  7. The SDGs as a Transformation Tool: What Happened over the Last 21 Years?


    Dianova Chile organised a seminar on the sustainable development goals and the challenges associated with their implementation in Chile and the rest of Latin America

  8. Stigma, Drug Use and the Intersectional Approach


    The aim of the Pompidou Group training was to explore the roots of addiction stigma and to look for strategies for dealing with it

  9. Youth Hackathon to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing


    Dianova participated in a conference and contest to design innovative projects in the field of mental health

  10. Learn Addiction, a Multilingual E-learning Platform Specializing in Addiction


    Dianova Portugal launched Learn Addiction, the first open and multilingual e-learning platform specializing in addiction prevention, intervention and treatment