1. In Catalunya en Miniatura's famous scale model theme park

    “Catalunya en Miniatura” Presents its New Video


    In March, 2012, Dianova became a partner of a renown family company, Catalunya en Miniatura, in the prospect of raising additional sources of income to develop the Dianova network’s various social projects. This innovative 3.0 business model resulted from a close partnership between a private enterprise and the non-profit sector.

  2. CSW57

    Overcoming The Pain of Abuse & Violence Against Women & Girls


    On March 8, 2013 Dianova will co-sponsor a side-event during the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57) to take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 4 to 15 March 2013. The priority theme of the Commission’s two-week session will be dedicated to the “Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls”. Dianova speakers during the event will be Ms Sandra Nencetti and Ms Francisca Alburquenque, from Dianova in the USA and Chile.

  3. 25th World Conference of Therapeutic Communities in Bali

    25th World Conference of Therapeutic Communities


    The 25th World Conference of Therapeutic Communities was held in Bali (Indonesia) from November 5 to 10, under the auspices of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities and the Kasih Mulia Foundation, one of the country’s largest associations dedicated to the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. The representative of Dianova, Michele Bellasich, was present.

  4. George De Leon Ph.D

    “TC is an Effective and Cost-effective Treatment Model” – Interview with Dr. George De Leon


    George De Leon, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of substance abuse and is acknowledged as the leading authority on research in therapeutic communities. In addition to numerous research publications, Dr. De Leon has made notable contributions in the area of clinical practice and professional education. Dianova representative, Michele Bellasich, met with him during the WFTC world conference in Bali.

  5. Remedial education for women at Dianova in Chile

    Life Education in Chile


    An article presented by Dianova’s educational team in Chile recounts the significant, existential experience of a group of women and their educational team, who participated in an educational remediation experience in a context of residential treatment for the problematic use of alcohol and other drugs. Read complete article – in Spanish (pdf)

  6. Dianova International's new assembly council

    Annual Reunion of the Dianova Network 2012


    November 5 through 8 took place the annual reunion of the Dianova network member organizations in Lisbon (Portugal), in presence of fifty representatives of the network member organizations.  During four days of intense work, the participants have debated, trained and exchanged about the network’s various perspectives and development projects.

  7. Loterie Sociale, achetez votre billet et faites un don à Dianova

    Sharing your Dreams with the Social Lottery


    As in previous years, Dianova in Spain presents Christmas’ Social Lottery, an initiative which enables the organization to raise funds through the sale of lottery tickets in spain. If you choose to participate to the Christmas draw on December 22, you may also share a little bit of your luck while helping out Dianova projects. For the price of a 23 € lottery ticket, 3€ will be donated to the programs developed by Dianova to help at-risk adolescents and adults suffering from social exclusion. Click here to buy your lottery ticket.

  8. Sodalitas Social Innovation Prize Awarded to Dianova in Italy

    Sodalitas Social Innovation Prize Awarded to Dianova in Italy


    For the second year in a row, Dianova in Italy was awarded a prize by the “Sodalitas Social Innovation” program. The second edition of the Sodalitas Social Innovation program was held in Milan (Italy), the latter initiative being dedicated to help community-based and nonprofit organizations develop the skills and tools necessary to prepare stronger and innovative social business plans.

  9. New Psychosocial Support Center Launched in Portugal

    New Psychosocial Support Center Launched in Portugal


    A new, psychosocial support center was recently launched in Portugal by Dianova to help mitigate the impact of the crisis on the health, welfare and productivity of the Portuguese population. The global economic crisis we are experiencing has entailed deep public spending cuts undermining health care, education and other social services, with dramatic consequences on the well-being and productivity of millions. It is estimated that the economic repercussions of mental health related problems have contributed to a sharp decline in Portuguese GDP by 3 to 4%.

  10. Sinking of the Dianova school’s drinking water well

    Dianova’s Education Center in Nicaragua Will Soon Have Access to Safe Drinking Water


    Dianova in Switzerland and the Emilio Moro Foundation are jointly funding a project to provide students and teachers of Dianova’s Esther del Rio-Las Marias Education Center (Nicaragua) with sustainable access to safe drinking water and accordingly improve the quality of life and health conditions of all.