1. UNODC map

    World Drug Report 2014


    "243 million individuals have used an illicit drug in 2012"

  2. make health your new high

    June 26, World Day against Drugs



    The two most commonly used legal drugs are responsible for 12% of all deaths worldwide!


  3. Happiness works

    Happiness at Work Survey in Portugal



    "Find a job that makes you happy and you'll never have to work again" Confucius



  4. 2nd International Education Seminar in Chile

    2nd International Seminar on Education in Chile


    Dianova Chile and Eduglobal and Yuntas organizations have jointly prepared and organized the second edition of the International Education Seminar Chile-Cuba, under the theme: "Building Networks for an Educational Renewal".

    The Seminar will be held both in Santiago and in the city of Curico (Chile) on July 10, 11, 14 and 15, 2014.

  5. General Assembly of OAS

    44th General Assembly of the Organization of American States


    Meeting with civil society organizations in Asunción (Paraguay)

  6. "Management & Development" Seminar

    10th “Management & Development” Seminar – Widening Dianova’s Global Vision



    The 10th ¨Management and Development¨ training seminar  took place on June 15th on the occasion of the Annual Meetings of the Dianova Network from June 12th – 15th in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain). The seminar counted with approximately forty participants from the Dianova network, in Europe and the Americas. The workshop facilitator, Rafa Goberna, is a consultant in organizational and personal development and a member of the Assembly Council of Dianova International. Dedicated to Widening the Dianova Network's Global Vision, this year's seminar lasted throughout much of the day and was particularly lively.

  7. Social media

    Dianova Training Session – Understanding the Role of Social Media in Today’s Communication


    Rui Martins, Communication Director at Dianova Portugal gave a presentation encompassing various issues about social media, including: a brief history of social media, how NGOs should be using social media to advance their missions, the important role of storytelling, how to build communities of supporters and how to make out of each staff member a potential goodwill "Digital Ambassador" for the causes we advocate. 

    The event was held during Dianova International annual meetings, held from June 12 through 15.

  8. Rafa Goberna - Montse Rafel

    Interview with Rafael Goberna – Activating Dianova´s global vision


    On the occasion of Dianova’s 10th “Management and Development” Seminar in Castelldefels (Spain), we had the chance to chat with Rafa Goberna, who will facilitate a training workshop entitled ¨Activating Global Vision¨. 

    Rafa Goberna is a personal and organizational development consultant, he is an associate of of Go Consulting and Grupo Mediterráneo consulting companies, and has a long experience of  private, public and social organizations. 

  9. social entrepreneurship

    Greed Triumphs over Good


    According to Henry Ford, one of the twentieth century’s greatest entrepreneurs, capitalism cannot thrive and prosper without respecting ethics. For Mr. Ford, it was morally and ethically wrong that a chief executive be paid more than forty times the average wage of his employees (1). In other words, Henry Ford belonged to that breed of entrepreneurs (now, an endangered species) for whom capitalism is certainly the mode of social organization most successful and most respectful of everyone’s liberties, provided that those holding the reins of the economic power be capable of showing restraint and self-control.

  10. Civil society

    EFA – Dianova Participates in Civil Society Hearing


    From 20 to 23 May, Dianova participated in Santiago, Chile in the 7th International Civil Society Hearing to review the 2015 objectives and achievements of the Education for All movement (EFA). The meeting also aimed to start a careful reflection on the future evolution of civil society participation of in EFA project and the problems it raises.