1. "Thinking Outside the Box"

    “Thinking Outside the box ” – Innovative Practices in Addiction Treatment for Adults


    Innovative Practices : The project "Empowering My Life” to be published in a collective work this fall in Canada.

  2. Workshop - Dianova International Gathering in Rome

    Dianova Member Organizations International Gathering in Rome


    From September 26 to 28, about sixty guests and delegates from the Dianova network member organizations met in Rome for the network's annual gathering and assembly meeting. The first two days were devoted to the ninth edition of Dianova's 'Management & Development' training session, while Dianova International's formal assembly meeting took place on Saturday morning.

  3. 'Solidarity Day' at Catalunya en Miniatura theme pak

    2nd Solidarity Day at “Catalunya en Miniatura”


    On Sunday, September 15, the Catalunya en Miniatura theme park will celebrate its second "Solidarity Day", the objective of which is to collect funds in support of the Esther del Rio-Las Marias college in Nicaragua.

  4. A Dianova work meeting in Sweden

    Dianova in Europe – Work Meeting


    From August 8 through 11 a work meeting on addiction treatment was held in Stockholm (Sweden), involving the participation of senior managers from Dianova in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Dianova International. Thanks to the warm welcome and professionalism of the Dianova team in Sweden, the especially intense meeting work program has been duly fulfilled in order to provide Swedish service users with better service quality in Dianova’s various host organizations in Europe.

  5. Lawmakers Open the Way to Legalize Cannabis in Uruguay

    Lawmakers Open the Way to Legalize Cannabis in Uruguay


    Wednesday 31 July : Uruguay’s lower house approved a bill to legalize cannabis, opening the way for an ambitous nationwide endeavor in overhauling drug policy. Following hours of debate, legislators have approved the bill supported by President José Mujica. Mr. Mujica argues that it is needed to redirect police resources towards fighting street crime and drug traffickers involved in smuggling other types of drugs.

  6. Publication of the “AmaneSeres” Book


    Dianova in Chile recently published the digital edition of the "AmaneSeres" book. This document is based on one hand on the opinions, reflections and learned skills by those who give life to Dianova through their day-to-day commitment, and on the other, on various contributions and testimonials on the treatment of women suffering from alcohol and substance abuse related problems.

    In addition, each article is complemented by thematic contents by addiction and education specialists from Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Chile, who made a generous contribution to this joint achievement.

  7. The State of the Drug Problem in Europe - 2012 annual report

    The State of the Drug Problem in Europe


    Published every autumn, the 2012 annual report of the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction presents an overview of the drug phenomenon in Europe. The annual report is an essential reference book for policymakers, specialists and practitioners in the drug field or anyone seeking the latest findings on drug consumption, supply and availability, anti-drug policies and strategies, prevention or treatment practices.

  8. Fifth edition of the "Mocktails" Initiative

    2013 « Mocktail » Initiative’s Solidarity Concert


    The fifth annual edition of the « Mocktail » initiative will host renowned Portuguese singer
    Pedro Abrunhosa & Comité Caviar for a solidarity concert dedicated to prevention and health education. A weekend which will remain in our memories.

  9. Elena Goti, Indira Pastoris, Michele Bellasich, Rui Martins & Angelo Nazzari

    Dianova in Italy Holds a Conference at the 56th Session of the CND in Vienna


    On the occasion of the 56th annual session of the Committee on Narcotic Drugs (CND) which is being held at the United Nations Office in Vienna (Austria), Dianova in Italy staged a successful intervention on the bio-psycho-social approach developed in Dianova’s drug treatment facilities in Italy and in  drug treatment public agencies nationwide.

  10. Organization of a side event during CSW57

    Dianova Chile Holds a Side-Event at the United Nations


    On the occasion of the 57th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57), held from 6 to 15 March at New York City’s UN headquarters under the theme « Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls », Dianova organized and sponsored in collaboration with the Methodist Church a side-event for the purpose of sharing their experiences on the theme: Overcoming the pain of violence and abuse. This side event was held on Friday, March 8, during  International Women’s Day.