1. The Gender Perspective in the Americas


    Statement by Patricia Puigdevall on behalf of Dianova International at the 72nd session of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)

  2. UNiTE against Gender-Based Violence


    Dianova joins the UNiTE campaign, 16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls

  3. Addiction: Children’s Rights Matter Too!


    Children have a right to be protected from substance use stigma and its harmful effects on families: an opinion article on the perspective of children’s rights

  4. Drugs: Coordinating the Voices of Civil Society in Europe


    The CSFD’s annual meeting took place in Brussels at the end of October to discuss the current challenges in the field of drugs in the EU

  5. Understanding Substance Use Health


    “Substance Use Health” is a concept developed by CAPSA, a member of Dianova International, and interview with Gord Garner, Executive Director

  6. Making Mental Health for All a Global Priority


    World Mental Health Day is held on 10 October to raise awareness of the critical need to invest in mental health

  7. Navchetna Prevention Programme in India


    Implemented by SPYM, the science-based Navchetna drug prevention programme gives school children life skills and drug education

  8. Supporting Children Affected by the Stigma Associated with a Parent’s Substance Use


    Children do not have a choice in the kind of home environment they are raised in. But as a community, we have a choice in the kind of community environment that supports them

  9. The Impact of Drugs on the Environment


    For the first time, the UNODC World Drug Report examines the impact of drugs on the environment, without really looking at the impact of policies themselves

  10. Social Concerns and their Changes – A Short Study on Geneva


    Social concerns are not only ever-changing but also strongly related to a region’s political and social circumstances… The example of Geneva, and Switzerland