1. Have your say about the EU Drug Strategy!


    The European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather inputs by anyone affected by illicit drug use at the EU level

  2. Civil Society and Drug Policy


    Handbook to support the advocacy work of civil society organizations in European drug policy

  3. Africa is Crying out!


    Eugène Etse, head of GRADH, an associate member of the Dianova network in Togo, gives an enthusiastic account of his participation in CoDeS 2019

  4. Working Together to Prevent Suicide


    As a member of the NGO Committee of Mental Health, Dianova is sponsoring an event dedicated to suicide prevention on the 10th October in New York

  5. Recognizing Problems to Better Solve Them


    The United Nations have begun to review the various challenges of the 2019 Ministerial Declaration to address the world drug problem

  6. The CSFD, an Actor Involved


    t its meeting on 8-9 October, CSFD presented a funding project for training activities, organization of seminars and the development of studies

  7. Women & Addictions: a Question of Human Rights


    At the 42nd Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva in September 2019, Dianova International discussed how gender differences in addictions impact women

  8. Human Trafficking in India


    Although illegal under Indian law, human trafficking remains a significant problem in this country – and women and girls pay the highest price

  9. Professionalizing Drug Prevention


    A new manual has been designed to train substance abuse prevention professionals in Europe

  10. Addiction Does not Differentiate between Men and Women!


    Society thinks a woman with substance use disorders is automatically a bad mother. We must get over these gender prejudices and stereotypes