1. Dianova Joins the iGen Forum


    Dianova Portugal joined the iGen Forum in a public ceremony held on December 18, committing itself to promote gender equality

  2. Addiction in Catalonia


    Dianova participated in the 10th Drug Addiction Conference at the University of Barcelona: “Values, Health, and Addictions in the Catalonia of the Future”

  3. Building a Therapeutic Alliance


    Dianova participated in the 2nd edition of the “International Symposium on Drug Policy and Public Health” in Istanbul (Turkey)

  4. 64th CICAD Meeting at the OAS


    Dianova joined OAS member states, NGOs, academics and experts on drug policy and addiction prevention and treatment at the 64th Session of the CICAD in Washington

  5. Turkey: International Symposium on Addiction Rehabilitation


    A delegation from Dianova visits detoxification services and participates in the “International Symposium on Health Tourism and Addiction Rehabilitation” in the city of Izmir, Turkey

  6. Civil Society and EU Drug Policies


    Meeting of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs and the “Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy (CSIDP)” Conference

  7. Encouraging Integration into the Labour Market


    In Portugal, Dianova implements skills training courses for disadvantaged populations

  8. AIDS: Gender Inequalities Worsen the Epidemic


    Around the world, about as many women as men suffer from HIV/AIDS, but there are huge differences in the impact of the disease, depending on whether you are a man or a woman

  9. 5th Partners for Review Meeting


    150 stakeholders gathered in Berlin to strengthen partnerships for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  10. Sexual Harassment at Work; How Can We Help?


    In the workplace as elsewhere, victims of harassment are sometimes reluctant to report their abuser. Then, once we are made aware of it, how can we help them?