1. Social Concerns and their Changes – A Short Study on Geneva


    Social concerns are not only ever-changing but also strongly related to a region’s political and social circumstances… The example of Geneva, and Switzerland

  2. World Drug Report 2022


    UNODC’s World Drug Report presents current trends in world drug markets while offering new insights, including their environmental impact

  3. Pompidou Group’s Training Session 2022


    The Pompidou Group Executive Training session is a tremendous opportunity to share, to network and to learn firsthand for the various stakeholders involved

  4. European Drug Report 2022

    European Drug Report 2022


    The impact of drug-related problems can be observed everywhere and complicates other major issues such as homelessness or the management of psychiatric disorders

  5. Social Integration in the Americas


    Tools for the development of local drug policies with a focus on social and vocational integration

  6. The Future we Need: Clean Waters!


    Every year KKAWF carries out a clean-up operation on the banks of the Korang to raise awareness of the problems of drinking water supply in Pakistan

  7. Drugs and Public Health: Where Are We Headed?


    Repressive politices have been ineffective in tackling the drug phenomenon this is why the importance of a public health approach should be reaffirmed

  8. E-learning Module on Chemsex

    E-learning Module on Chemsex


    The 2nd phase of the “Learn Addiction” project enters a test period before being opened to addiction professionals

  9. What Are the Risks of Social Media?


    A group of young people prepared a couple of podcasts aimed at raising awareness of the risks associated with the inappropriate use of social media

  10. Women Are more Vulnerable to Climate Change


    Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, which is why it is urgent to eliminate the structural inequalities that hinder the implementation of sustainable solutions