1. Stigma, Drug Use and the Intersectional Approach


    The aim of the Pompidou Group training was to explore the roots of addiction stigma and to look for strategies for dealing with it

  2. Youth Hackathon to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing


    Dianova participated in a conference and contest to design innovative projects in the field of mental health

  3. Learn Addiction, a Multilingual E-learning Platform Specializing in Addiction


    Dianova Portugal launched Learn Addiction, the first open and multilingual e-learning platform specializing in addiction prevention, intervention and treatment

  4. Quality Standards in Drug Demand Reduction


    Governments and civil society organisations can improve the implementation of minimum quality standards in the field of drug demand reduction

  5. BDNF, Train Your Brain and Train Your Body


    By practicing sports, we generate higher levels of BDNF and therefore, we reduce the brain’s “need” to consume drugs

  6. Mental Health Care in Europe


    10 October, World Mental Health Day – Addressing mental health is not only a moral imperative – it is the only way to achieve sustainable development

  7. Addiction Services and Policies Must be Adapted to Women’s Needs


    Women and girls make up a growing number of those who suffer from addiction, and their unique needs must be addressed in research, policy, and clinical practice

  8. SDGs: Building a Sustainable Post-COVID Recovery


    Focus on the situation in the countries where Dianova operates, especially in the areas of health and addiction treatment

  9. Faced with the Second Wave, Our Indian Members Spare No Effort


    As the second wave of the pandemic hit the country with full force, Dianova organized a fundraiser for the purchase of protective equipment

  10. Helping Children whose Caregivers Use Drugs


    A Pompidou Group’s project aims at identifying current policies and opportunities in order to give children and caregivers the support they need